List of game modes available in Minecraft Pocket Edition (Bedrock)

Image via Windows Blog
Image via Windows Blog
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Minecraft Pocket Edition was initially launched for Xperia Play on Google Play on August 16, 2011. On October 7, 2011, Pocket Edition was released on Android, and on November 17, 2011, it was released for iOS.

It has been developed for many different devices over the years.

The objective of Pocket Edition is the same as its Java and Console editions, where players are able to survive and build in their own Minecraft world, all while following the natural progression of the game, and ultimately beating it.

While Pocket Edition is almost exactly the same as its counterpart, there are a few slight differences, especially when it comes to the gamemodes in Pocket Edition.

Game Modes in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Creative Mode

Image via LevelSkip
Image via LevelSkip

Like its Java and console counterparts, Pocket Edition has Creative mode. Creative mode allows players to get unlimited resources, lets them destroy blocks instantly, and allows flying.

In this gamemode, players are able to do whatever their heart desires without any limitations, such as hunger and health. They can either start a game in Creative mode, or can switch to Creative from their survival game.

Survival Mode

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Most players know of Minecraft Survival mode. This mode allows them to search for their own resources, craft items, take damage, find food, and much more. While playing in Survival mode allows players to do whatever their heart desires, it's much more challenging and realistic than playing in Creative mode.

Players are able to start a Minecraft world in Survival mode, or they can switch to it from another game mode.

Adventure Mode

Image via Linux Hunt
Image via Linux Hunt

Adventure mode is a game mode that is intended for players playing on pre-made maps, which ultimately limits some of the gameplay mechanics in Minecraft. This means that players cannot destroy any blocks with tools or even place blocks, in order to avoid messing with pre-made maps.

However, they will still receive damage from the environment, can die and players (usually) will have to manage their hunger bar.

Is there a Hardcore Mode?

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Unfortunately, in Pocket Edition (as well as a few console editions), there is no Hardcore mode. However, players can simulate Hardcore mode on Minecraft Bedrock.

They can do this by setting their difficulty to hard in the settings, and do not allow players to cheat, no matter how tempting. When the player dies, they can just delete the world as upon dying in Hardcore mode, they lose their world.

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