List of new features in Minecraft Bedrock beta

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition
Minecraft: Bedrock Edition's preview offers players plenty of features to test for the 1.20 update (Image via Skippy 6 Gaming/YouTube)

Mojang has kicked into gear with plenty of beta programs to allow fans to preview the Minecraft 1.20 update's content. Java Edition players can preview the content via snapshots, while Bedrock Edition fans can use the preview program to do the same.

While both major editions of the game offer access to beta testing content, Java snapshots and Bedrock previews are somewhat different. For example, Java received the armor trimming feature quite some time ago, and Bedrock just obtained it as an experimental feature via today's preview.


On the subject of preview, the new beta has plenty to offer that goes well beyond armor trimming. Omitting bug fixes and performance tweaks, Minecraft players have a lot to be excited about.

All major features in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition's preview

Armor Trims, Smithing Templates, and Reworked Smithing Table


Smithing tables have been overhauled in the new Bedrock preview. This rebuild brings plenty of new functions for the block.

The most notable function is smithing templates, new items that can be looted from generated structures in the Overworld, the Nether, and the End. Most of these templates allow players to add trim to armor by combining a template, an armor piece, and a crystal or ore item in the smithing table.

In addition to armor trims, one smithing template has changed the way that Minecraft players upgrade to netherite gear. By finding a netherite upgrade template and combining it with a piece of diamond gear and a netherite ingot, players can upgrade their diamond gear into netherite.

This replaces the original means of creating netherite armor, weapons, and tools, making both diamond and netherite gear feel more impactful when acquired.


Fortunately, Minecraft fans won't have to constantly loot smithing templates to trim and upgrade their gear.

It's possible to clone existing templates to create additional copies. The process is expensive since it requires seven diamonds, but it can save plenty of time that would typically be spent searching and looting.

Block Changes


While the changes made to blocks in this preview aren't substantial, they're certainly noteworthy. Specifically, block changes have been made to piglin heads and a few variations pertaining to cherry trees.

Piglin heads will now animate with flapping ears while Minecraft players ride transport blocks and entities. Additionally, cherry stripped wood can now be appropriately obtained from cherry stripped logs, fixing a previous bug.

The textures for cherry leaves and cherry wood signs were also updated for better presentation.

Suspicious Gravel


For the last few beta updates in Minecraft, players have been introduced to the archeology feature. This long-awaited implementation was originally earmarked for release in the Caves & Cliffs update but was postponed.

Players can now start testing archeology gameplay by creating a brush and brushing certain blocks for rewards. These include pottery shards, which can be assembled into decorative pot blocks.

While previous versions of the Minecraft Bedrock preview only allowed players to brush suspicious sand blocks, a new archeology block was introduced in this update. Specifically, the block is known as suspicious gravel. It operates almost exactly like suspicious sand and can be brushed for rewards.

At the moment, the block doesn't have any rewards that are dropped when brushed. However, Mojang will likely change this in future updates as archeology is developed.

Improved Accessibility Features


To continue making Minecraft a game that can be played by all, Mojang introduced a host of changes in this preview to improve visual clarity and correct a few issues with menu navigation.

Enchantment glint and potions are at the forefront of these accessibility changes, with enchantment sheen being reduced on enchanted items and completely removed from potions. Furthermore, the coloration of potions and tipped arrows have been altered to better reflect the status effects they cause.

To improve menu navigation, this Minecraft preview allows toggle navigation to operate in the world edit menu when switching between a gamepad and a keyboard. This function was typically skipped in previous updates. The sign-in and sign-up screens have also been re-adjusted with a new design for better clarity.

Lastly, players who are using a keyboard will now automatically select the search bar when they begin typing in the Creative Mode inventory.

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