Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update: Every confirmed mob so far

Image via CavsConnect
Image via CavsConnect
Ellie Whittam

With the Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update releasing this summer, there are a ton of new features confirmed to be released.

With loads of new mobs, items, blocks, biomes, game functions, and more being added to Minecraft, players may struggle to keep up with everything included.

Some features—like new redstone advancements, for example—can be found a lot more than others in the community, but each addition deserves its own space.

Here is a comprehensive list of every mob being added to Minecraft with the new 1.17 update.

All Minecraft 1.17 mobs confirmed

#1 - Axolotl

Image via Minecraft Wiki
Image via Minecraft Wiki

Minecraft's new Axolotl mob is incredibly sophisticated and cute. These mobs can be found in Lush Caves and spawn in five different colors (leucistic, yellow, brown, white, and purplish pink. There is also a rare blue axolotl with a 1/1200 chance of spawning.)

Axolotls are the first amphibians to be introduced to Minecraft. They can be caught in buckets like fish and can be bred using tropical fish. When damaged, these mobs play dead and receive Regeneration I.

Currently, they attack almost every aquatic mob, from drowned and guardians to squids and fish. This means that they are great to bring with players when attempting to attack Ocean Monuments and the Elder Guardian.

#2 - Glow Squid

Image via Minecraft Wiki
Image via Minecraft Wiki

Minecraft's Glow Squid is a new variant of squid which is bioluminescent in a similar way to the eyes of Endermen or cores of Magma Cubes. They don't have a light level, but do glow on their own.

Glow Squids are attacked by axolotl without any provocation and drop glow ink sacs when killed. These ink sacs can be used to make glowing item frames and glowing text on signs which are lit up in the dark.

Similar to regular squids in Minecraft, this mob doesn't seem to have much of a purpose, but is a cute mob for any aquarium or mob collection.

#3 - Mountain Goat

Image via Minecraft Wiki
Image via Minecraft Wiki

Mountain Goats are interesting mobs when it comes to Minecraft Update 1.17 as they are tied to one of the new biomes/locations attached to the update. Currently, they have only been released for Minecraft Bedrock snapshots for Update 1.17.

These mobs spawn in mountain biomes, one of the new biomes added in this update. They can jump to five blocks tall in order to avoid obstacles like powder snow and also take reduced fall damage due to their high jumps.

Goats can be bred with wheat, like quite a few other mobs, and drop one goat horn when ramming into a block. These horns can be used to make sounds by right-clicking.

#4 - Warden

Image via Minecraft Archive Fandom
Image via Minecraft Archive Fandom

When it comes to this update, the Warden is a fairly illusive mob due to the fact that they haven't been released yet. They are a confirmed feature of the new update despite the lack of information on them.

From what is known, they are the largest mob to be introduced to Minecraft, standing taller than the Minecraft Iron Golem. They have one of the strongest hits in the game, being able to kill a player with full netherite armor in two hits. Also, they do not have the ability to see but can sense a player's location through forms of vibrations.

These mobs spawn in the Deep Dark, a new biome of cave that spawns at the lowest levels of the underground, down to Y level -64.

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