Minecraft 1.18.2 Snapshot 22w05a for Java Edition: Full list of changes revealed

Snapshot 22w05a (Image via Mojang)
Snapshot 22w05a (Image via Mojang)

Last week, many players were left disappointed after Mojang released no Minecraft snapshot. Despite a delay, Mojang has now finally released a new snapshot for Java Edition.

Unlike Bedrock beta versions, Java snapshots are yet to receive any features related to The Wild Update. Java developers have been working on the 1.18.2 update, which is a bug fix patch for the Caves & Cliffs Part II update.

Snapshot 22w05a is now out. It's a smaller snapshot mostly containing bugfixes.…

Java players will probably get to see 1.19 features in future snapshots after Minecraft 1.18.2. As of now, players can check out the 22w05a patch notes to see what changes are coming in the next Minecraft next update.

Minecraft 1.18.2 snapshot 22w035a patch notes


Fixed bugs in 22w05a

  • Water graphical glitch when connecting diagonally
  • Water looks like it flows up
  • Structure blocks do not rotate entities correctly when loading
  • Pointed dripstone can replace blocks when generating
  • Wood pillars from mineshafts are generating on pointed dripstones
  • Abandoned Mineshafts don’t delete dripstone in certain situations
  • Foxes will lay down in powder snow and not try to escape even when taking damage
  • Biome Selector is disordered in other languages
  • Slimes spawn in “Redstone Ready” superflat worlds
  • Outdated chests’ loot tables get deleted when updating to 1.18.1
  • Campfires and hoppers cause constant chunk saving
  • Deleting a world no longer logs that a world is getting deleted
  • The player disappears at certain heights
  • Teleporting below height level 0 from the overworld to another dimension freezes the game on the loading screen until the player dies
  • Entering /placefeature crashes client when connected to a server
  • Harsh chunk borders appear when upgrading to 22w03a
  • Incorrect BlockPos getSquaredDistance() calculation
  • Players get stuck on “Loading terrain…” after rejoining the world when above or below the build limit

Changes in snapshot 22w05a

  • A change in 22w03a that re-arranged Badlands biome layouts has been reverted to avoid causing generation changes and chunk borders. This change will be re-introduced later.

This recent Minecraft snapshot focused on bug fixes related to slime spawning, the new /placefeature command, chunk loading, and more. Two months have passed since the 1.18 update, yet players are still facing many bugs and issues. Hopefully, the upcoming 1.18.2 update will address most of them.

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