How to get every treasure enchantment in Minecraft 1.19 update

A bastion remnant, one of the only places to find the Soul Speed enchantment (Image via Reddit)
A bastion remnant, one of the only places to find the Soul Speed enchantment (Image via Reddit)
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Enchanting is inarguably one of Minecraft’s most powerful systems. Enchanting will give players access to beefed-up abilities such as looting, which makes rare mob drops more common. Other enchantments include fortune, which turns a single ore into several items, mending, which makes items unbreakable so long as the player gets consistent XP, and riptide, which allows players to fly from water and in the rain.

While most of Minecraft’s enchantments can be applied to items through an enchanting table, there are a few that will never be available through the table, no matter how many bookshelves the player puts near it. These are known as treasure enchantments, and the methods to acquire them are detailed below.

How to get all six of Minecraft’s treasure enchantments

Curse of Binding, Curse of Vanishing, Frost Walker, and Mending


All four of these treasure enchantments can be acquired using the same methods. These methods include being found in both jungle temple loot chests and stronghold loot chests. They can also be acquired from fishing through the fishing treasure table.

Although this is exclusive to the Bedrock Edition of the game, all four of the enchantments can be acquired as loot from illager raids on villages. Additionally, Curse of Binding, Curse of Vanishing, and Frost Walker are offered as trades by librarian villagers exclusively on the Java edition of Minecraft.

Mending can be acquired through villager trades and is not exclusive to the Java edition of the game.

Soul Speed


The Soul Speed enchantment is unlike the prior four treasure enchantments as it cannot be acquired through villager trading, fishing, as raid loot, or in a large majority of Minecraft’s lootable chests.

The main method for acquiring the Soul Speed enchantment is piglin bartering. This is a system that can be used to get many of the game’s most useful items, such as ender pearls, enchanted books, and enchanted armor. Piglins can barter both enchanted books and iron boots with a random level of the Soul Speed enchantment for players.

Piglins also have the potential to spawn wearing golden boots enchanted with Soul Speed. If a player then kills the piglin wearing the item, there is a small chance that the boots will be dropped for the player to collect.

The last way for players to gain access to the Soul Speed enchantment is by looting a bastion remnant. Any of the non-main treasure chests within a bastion remnant can contain either enchanted books or golden boots with a random level of the Soul Speed enchantment.

Swift Sneak

An ancient city, the only place to get the swift sneak enchantment (Image via Minecraft)
An ancient city, the only place to get the swift sneak enchantment (Image via Minecraft)

Swift Sneak is similar to Soul Speed in that it cannot be acquired via the same methods that apply to the other four treasure enchantments. This means that Swift Sneak cannot be acquired through fishing, raid loot, villager trading, or most of the loot chests found throughout Minecraft.

Swift Sneak can only be found within loot chests contained within 1.19 The Wild Update’s new underground structure, The Ancient City.

The loot chests within ancient cities have a 23.2% chance of containing an enchanted book with the Swift Sneak enchantment. The level of Swift Sneak enchantment found on the book is completely random, meaning players might need to search for the highest level of the enchantment.

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