Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update expected release date based on Snapshots

The Wild Update of Minecraft might release this summer (Image via Mojang)
The Wild Update of Minecraft might release this summer (Image via Mojang)
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Manish Kumar Choudhary

Mojang unveiled the next major update of Minecraft at the annual live event. After releasing a spectacular Caves & Cliffs Part II update, developers are now working towards improving the Overworld further with The Wild Update.

The Wild Update features much-wanted features and changes, including mangrove trees, deep dark caves, the warden, sculk blocks, and more. Unlike Caves & Cliffs, development for The Wild Update seems to be going as planned, since developers are releasing snapshots and beta versions every week.

With the addition of 1.19 features, players can expect a release date for The Wild Update soon. This article discusses the potential release of The Wild Update and when Mojang might announce the date for the same.

Minecraft 1.19 update expected release date


At Minecraft Live 2021, Mojang revealed The Wild Update, but only said that it would come out in 2022. Usually, developers announce the exact date once they are confident about the features.

Based on how almost all the announced features have been added to snapshots and beta versions, Mojang will probably release The Wild Update in the coming summer. Similar to the Caves & Cliffs Part 1 update, players can expect the 1.19 update to be released around the first week of June, most likely between June 1 and 10.

Please take the expected release date with a pinch of salt, as these are just speculations. Unlike Caves & Cliffs, there seems to be no reason for the 1.19 update to be delayed.

We've now released Snapshot 22w16b, fixing a crash. Updated post:…

In the recent snapshot and beta releases, developers have been making tweaks and changes to The Wild Update. Here is a quick recap of all the major features coming with version 1.19:

  • Mangrove swamps - A new variety of swamps featuring frogs, mud blocks, and mangrove trees.
  • Deep dark caves - A terrifying cave biome home to sculk blocks and the warden.
  • Ancient city - A huge structure exclusive to deep dark caves, filled with rare loot items.
  • The warden - A blind monstrosity who uses vibrations to locate its enemies.
  • Frogs - These mobs come in three colours and eat slimes and magma cubes.
  • Allay - The winner of Mob Vote 2021, a music-loving spirit who loves to collect items.

Several other features are coming with Minecraft 1.19 update. Towards the end of May, players can expect Mojang to announce the official release date for The Wild Update.

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