Minecraft 1.21 update is going to fix a 12-year-old portal bug

Minecraft portal bug
Mojang Studios are fixing the portals in Minecraft (Image via Mojang Studios)

Minecraft is going through multiple waves of updates that are adding new content to the game while upgrading the existing features. This is an exciting time for the title's fanbase. Long-standing veteran players may remember something that did not make sense, and finally, Mojang Studios is going to change it for the better.

Traveling to different dimensions such as the Nether dimension or the End City requires portals. Players create a portal and enter it, which seems simple. However, if they want to bring a passenger with them, such as a villager, they are unable to do so because portals do not allow entities with passengers to travel through. Fortunately, this issue is soon going to be resolved.

Minecraft will fix a 12-year-old portal bug

The snapshot 24w21a added the change to Minecraft (Image via Mojang Studios)
The snapshot 24w21a added the change to Minecraft (Image via Mojang Studios)

When it comes to selecting the most interesting changes introduced to the game, the list is extensive, making it difficult to pick one. However, it's the small details that count and the developers at Mojang Studios are focused on refining these small details to create a bigger impact.

The upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update will allow players to enable or disable the ability of portals to allow passengers. This can be easily done using commands. Players just need to enter 'gamerules' and then 'entitiesWithPassengersCanUsePortals,' and change the value from false to true.

By default, this value will be false, implying that portals don't allow passengers with the entities. Thus, it has to be changed first using the aforementioned commands. Calling it a ‘bug fix’ does not quite make sense, considering it is more of a feature that should have been there in Minecraft in the first place.

The change has been added with the Snapshot 24w21a and players can download this snapshot and try it for themselves. Just keep in mind that snapshots have experimental features and can cause crashes, and the 24w21a does cause the game to crash.

This is why Mojang Studios followed up with another snapshot, the 24w21b that fixed the game crash issue. This feature will be added in the final update without any issues and it does open up a portal for several things.

The most crucial addition is the ability to transport villagers to a different location through the Nether without having to travel hundreds of blocks. As for the release date, the developers might reveal the release date for the Tricky Trial update by the end of May.

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