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What does absorption do in Minecraft? 

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
Anna Perella
Modified 19 Feb 2021

Absorption in Minecraft is the key to gaining an advantage against other players and mobs during conflict.

In Minecraft, combat is a factor of survival, whether it's against mobs or other players. Armor, swords, and bows and arrows are the major factors during both offense and defense.

Those who are best at Minecraft PvP recognize the power of absorption. This effect adds two yellow hearts (four health points) to a player's health bar. It makes a major difference and places the player with absorption in favor of the other.

How to gain absorption in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Absorption can be gained through three sources (listed in order from least to most potent): a golden apple (I), a totem of undying (II), and an enchanted golden apple (IV).

Golden apples in Minecraft can be made using one apple and eight gold ingots by placing the apple in the middle of the crafting table slot with ingots surrounding it. These golden apples can be enchanted for a longer-lasting effect.

The totem of undying cannot be crafted but is dropped by an Evoker. The drop rate is 100 percent. Not only will the player gain absorption, but regeneration and fire resistance.

Once absorption is gained, and the hearts are lost, a player cannot restore them using food. The same rule applies once the effect wears off.


Using absorption against hostile mobs

Using the absorption effect in Minecraft against mobs is not much different from using it in fights against other players, except players are smarter than the mobs with their techniques.

Absorption should be saved for big battles against entities like the Wither and many Nether mobs, and in the end, against the Ender Dragon and the plethora of endermen that stand ground there.

Unless the player has gold and apples to waste, then using them against smaller monsters like zombies and skeletons isn't the wisest choice, especially if the golden apple is enchanted.

For additional information on the Wither, check out this tweet from Minecraft:

Absorption in Minecraft PvP

Solo skywars game on Hypixel - Image via Minecraft
Solo skywars game on Hypixel - Image via Minecraft

Player versus player combat in Minecraft can be intense. There are many individual fighting styles that vary from player to player.

Some players go full-on offense, while some use defense to get a feel of their opponent's style. In light of this, a gamer must know what they need in order to perform well and in a way that fits their approach.

Absorption fits all styles of fighting. For those who prefer to take on others, it gives them a stronger advantage at the get-go. Those who are more comfortable with defense have an extra means of safety.

Golden apples are often used in skywars on Minecraft multiplayer servers. This has proven to work well for both beginners and those who have been gaming for some time.

Technoblade, a popular streamer and proclaimed skywars master, can be seen with the absorption particle effect and golden apples in many of his PvP videos.


Positivity of absorption

Absorption is one of many positive effects in Minecraft and among the most distinct. The only outcome from this effect is positive, especially when used in PVP. All gamers have their own style, and absorption can wiggle into pretty much all of them.

Published 19 Feb 2021, 19:20 IST
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