Minecraft achievement guide: Tie Dye Outfit

A picturesque view of crops in Minecraft. (Image via
A picturesque view of crops in Minecraft. (Image via
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Minecraft Bedrock players earned the "Tie Dye Outfit" achievement by using a cauldron to dye a leather cap, tunic, pants, and boots for the first time.

To customize their appearance, Minecraft players can dye leather armor to one of the sixteen available colors of dye in the game. This allows players to stand out amongst others and have a greater sense of individuality.

How to dye leather armor depends on the Minecraft platform. In Bedrock Edition, players will need to utilize a cauldron, water, and the dye color of their choice.

When a player dyes each unique piece of leather armor for the first time, they will receive a rather neat and nifty achievement to boot.

This article breaks down how to use a cauldron to dye pieces of leather armor to different colors on Minecraft Bedrock Edition, thus explaining how to obtain the "Tie Dye Outfit" achievement.

Minecraft Achievement Guide: Tie Dye Outfit


To dye a piece of leather armor on Bedrock Edition, players will first need to get their hands on a cauldron. Cauldrons can be made at a crafting table by combining seven iron ingots.

Iron ingots can be acquired by smelting iron ore at a furnace, killing iron golems, or finding them inside of chests from a handful of different naturally generated structures.

Cauldrons can also be found naturally in every witch hut, in the basements of igloos, inside a few different rooms in woodland mansions, and some villages' houses.

These blocks can then be filled with water by emptying water bottles and buckets filled with water into them.

Once players have a cauldron filled with water, they will need to obtain the dye of the color they would like their armor to have.

The different dyes in Minecraft can be obtained in an assortment of different ways, but the article here serves as a good introduction to acquiring all of them.

After the players have obtained their dye, add it to the water inside the cauldron. This will change the water inside of the cauldron to the color that was added to it.

The armor pieces required to earn the achievement can be crafted by combining pieces of leather at a crafting table or purchased from leatherworker villagers.

Leather can be obtained by killing cows, mooshrooms, horses, donkeys, mules and llamas in the Overworld. Hoglins found in the Nether also have a chance to drop leather when killed.

Minecraft players can then dip their leather pieces of armor into the cauldron to dye them. Players should note that their cauldron's water level will decrease by one every time they use it to dye one piece of leather armor.

Once Minecraft Bedrock players have dyed a leather cap, tunic, pants, and boots, they will earn the "Tie Dye Outfit" achievement.

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