Minecraft Championship (MCC) 24: Date, time, and how to watch

The MCC Logo over an in-game screenshot (Image via MCC)
The MCC Logo over an in-game screenshot (Image via MCC)

Minecraft Championship, or MCC, 24 is the latest in a long line of multiplayer tournaments, featuring many of the biggest names in Minecraft’s community. This includes players such as Wilbur Soot, AntVenom, TommyInnit, Dream, CaptainSparklez, Philza, GoodTimesWithScar, and Tubbo.

These players bring with them a combined follower count of several million people. But for those not used to watching live content, it can be confusing to figure out how to find the streams and what time they need to tune in.

Minecraft has a long history of multiplayer action. From the beginning of the game, players were taking the game’s code and actively adding multiplayer in before it was official. Now, with dozens of giant multiplayer servers, the game’s community based competitive game modes have added a lot to Minecraft’s lifespan.

Minecraft Championship 24: Date and time

The MCC Twitter account, with the time and date in the bio (Image via Twitter)
The MCC Twitter account, with the time and date in the bio (Image via Twitter)

Minecraft Championship 24, or MCC24, will go live on August 20. This is a Saturday to help encourage the largest number of viewers possible. The exact time when the event will begin is listed alongside the team announcements on the MCC Twitter account at 8:00 pm BST.

The time and date when the MCC24 event will begin is also listed in the bio for the MCC Twitter account, so players can quickly remind themselves of the time and date by accessing the Twitter account.

How to watch

The website, where the players and streams are all listed (Image via
The website, where the players and streams are all listed (Image via

The MCC24 event is quite interesting, as instead of having a centralized Twitch stream where everyone can tune in, instead, each player will be streaming their perspective, allowing viewers to jump around perspectives, depending on who is currently playing, or even watch multiple streams all at once to see all of the action that a team is doing at once.

Players can access the website, which acts as an aggregate for all the different streamers and their links. This page lists all the different teams, by their name, alongside each of the team’s members.

Each team member’s name is accompanied by their profile picture, and the name acts as a hyperlink leading to each team member’s Twitch account, so that viewers can easily access each player’s stream during the event.

Additionally, across the top of the website, there is a timer that counts down the time remaining until the streaming for the event begins. This means that viewers wanting to quickly check to see how long before the event begins can go to the website to see the countdown timer all the way down to the second.

However, viewers that follow any of the players on Twitch already will not have to access the website at all. Instead, since the players will be streaming on Twitch, they can simply pull the stream up via their list of followed accounts. If the viewer wants to search for a different perspective, they can do so within Twitch, rather than going to the website.

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