Minecraft Championship (MCC) 25: Final standings, winners, and more

Minecraft Championship 25 took place on September 24, 2022 (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft Championship 25 took place on September 24, 2022 (Image via Mojang)

The 25th canonized Minecraft Championship is in the books, ending the latest entry in the long-running community competition. The event took place on September 24, 2022 and featured some of the game's biggest names battling it out on a massive stage.


Ten teams comprised of Minecraft content creators took each other on in different game types. These included the likes of Battle Box, Survival Games, Meltdown, and more.

Once the coins rewarded to the teams were collated, only one team stood above the rest. MCC 25 was won by the Green Geckos, a team comprised of GoodTimeWithScar, jojosolos, Smallishbeans, and Seapeekay. Below, players can find a breakdown of how the championship unfolded.

Analyzing Minecraft Championship 25's games and standings

Minecraft Championships 25 was an intense competition from start to finish (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft Championships 25 was an intense competition from start to finish (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft Championship 25's ten teams competed in a grand total of nine different games. Teams were awarded coins based on their performance, and individual players also had their standings tracked to provide an overall measurement of their contribution to the team. Green Geckos won the competition with a total of 18,298 coins, and Purple Pandas came in second with 17,425 coins. The player with the highest number of coins collected was jojosolos at 3,180 coins. Sapnap came in second with 2,954.

Final team standings of Minecraft Championships 25:

  1. Green Geckos (Smallishbeans, jojosolos, GoodTimesWithScar, Seapeekay)
  2. Purple Pandas (fruitberries, awesamdude, Eret, Sylvee)
  3. Yellow Yaks (Punz, Antfrost, Shubble, Blushi)
  4. Red Rabbits (Sapnap, Foolish Gamers, Ponk, vGumiho)
  5. Cyan Coyotes (HBomb94, Tubbo, KaraCorvus, KryticZeuz)
  6. Aqua Axolotls (Purpled, Ranboo, JackManifoldTV, Snifferish)
  7. Lime Llamas (PeteZahHutt, CaptainSparklez, AntVenom, SolidarityGaming)
  8. Orange Ocelots (Hannahxxrose, aimsey, VelvetIsCake, 5up)
  9. Blue Bats (Illumina, FalseSymmetry, ElainaExe, PearlescentMoon)
  10. Pink Parrots (Grian, Ph1LzA, Smajor1995, Wilbur Soot)

Final individual player standings for Minecraft Championship 25:

  1. jojosolos
  2. Sapnap
  3. fruitberries
  4. Illumina
  5. Antfrost
  6. Purpled
  7. Punz
  8. PeteZahHutt
  9. HBomb94
  10. Smallishbeans
  11. 5up
  12. Sylvee
  13. Seapeekay
  14. KryticZeuz
  15. Ponk
  16. Ranboo
  17. Foolish Gamers
  18. hannahxxrose
  19. awesamdude
  20. Tubbo
  21. PearlescentMoon
  22. Ph1LzA
  23. AntVenom
  24. JackManifoldTV
  25. KaraCorvus
  26. GoodTimesWithScar
  27. Blushi
  28. aimsey
  29. Shubble
  30. CaptainSparklez
  31. ElainaExe
  32. Grian
  33. Wilbur Soot
  34. Snifferish
  35. VelvetIsCake
  36. vGumiho
  37. Smajor1995
  38. Eret
  39. falsesymmetry
  40. Solidarity Gaming

What happened during MCC 25?

The livestreamed event was an intense showdown between the ten teams. However, Green Geckos began to climb up the rankings thanks to their victories in Meltdown and Ace Race. Though the team didn't win every game mode, jojosolos ranked in the top 5 in five modes, contributing substantially to Green Geckos' victory. Purple Pandas held their own during the championship, with fruitberries leading the way in individual rankings and helping his team reach the final competition.

In the deciding game, Green Geckos faced off against Purple Pandas in a game of Dodgebolt. Though Purple Pandas played valiantly, Green Geckos took the series 3-1, locking them in as the victors of MCC 25.


There were also quite a few landmarks made during this Minecraft Championship that can't be measured in coin totals and rankings. For example, CaptainSparklez became the fifth player in MCC to have played for every team color. Furthermore, Grian and Wilbur Soot (known as the "Socket Duo") teamed up for the first time in this championship. Sapnap was also the only player from the Dream Team featured, as Dream, Tommyinnit, and GeorgeNotFound were occupied due to Tommy and George moving to America.

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