Noxcrew reveals changes to Minecraft Championship (MCC) 25 in an update video

The Minecraft Championship logo over an in-game background (Image via MCC)
The Minecraft Championship logo over an in-game background (Image via MCC)

Minecraft Championship is a minigame tournament that pits teams made up of popular Minecraft YouTubers and Twitch steamers against each other to get the most coins and come out on top. The most recent of these events to be announced is MCC 25.

With MCC 25 starting in just a short time, Noxcrew has decided to further build up the hype by revealing some extra changes and additions to many of the mini-games. These changes are detailed below.

All the changes to Minecraft Championship 25 that Noxcrew has announced

Ace Race


Jump Pads have been added to the hub area so that players can practice their parkour and get the timing down for obstacles while waiting around. Additionally, Turtle Run is making a slow and steady return to the event, keeping Ace Race as hectic as it has ever been.

Parkour Tag


For the minigame Parkour Tag, an old-yet-classic map will be making a return to circulation. This map is Plaza. While this map was introduced in Minecraft Championship 17, it was not played until MCC All-Stars, and has only made a single canon appearance in MCC 20.

This map is very cluttered with structures and buildings, making it an interesting map to try and traverse.

Hole in the Wall


Hole in the Wall is being given an entirely new map. This map is known as Ye Olde Walle, and is constructed of stone and wood to mimic an older style. The major difference between this map and other Hole in the Wall maps is that the center platform is not a solid square, instead made up of rail-like lines.

To Get To The Other Side And Whack A Fan


To Get To The Other Side And Whack A Fan, or TGTTOSAWAF, sees the return of fan and player favorite map Terra Swoop Force’s Tunnel One. The other maps that will be used during this minigame are Beehive, Shallow Lava, Pits, Skydive, and To The Dome.

Grid Runners


Grid Runners is getting another new room. This is in addition to the other new rooms added that were not played. This means that Grid Runners has a total of three unseen rooms, making for quite the exciting potential Minecraft Championship game.


The new room for Meltdown (Image via Noxcrew)
The new room for Meltdown (Image via Noxcrew)

Meltdown has been given a new center room to help spice up the map and keep things fresh. This room is a giant industrial fan that rests over a pit of lava.

Players will need to be careful while moving through the room, lest they be knocked into the lava below and be eliminated. Additionally, the round timer has been extended by 30 seconds.

Battle Box


The Battle Box is being given a brand new map. This map is known as Battle Box Doom. This map is one of the larger maps available for the game and is designed to create maximum chaos.

This map is filled with pitfalls and openings that drop straight into lava, so players will need to be careful where they are moving and when, otherwise their game might just be cut short.

The main scoring platform is in the middle of the map, but is elevated to remove all cover, making rushing to score a high-risk, high-reward endeavor. The staircases that lead to the platforms needed to reach the scoring area are also very exposed, meaning that players will be under near constant fire when trying to earn points.

Survival Games


The last thing announced in the video is that Survival Games is making a return with the map World of Cars- Forest. The map was introduced in Minecraft Championship 10, but did not see play until MCC 15. This map, as the name suggests, focuses on the forest area of the World of Cars map.

The way the world border works for Survival Games has also changed. Rather than the border shrinking down to one block, the final area is larger and will start a finale mode known as Last Stand. In Last Stand, players do not take normal damage, instead having their maximum health reduced, making damage permanent.

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