Who has won the most Minecraft Championships?

The Minecraft Championship logo over an in-game background (Image via MCC)
The Minecraft Championship logo over an in-game background (Image via MCC)

The Minecraft Championship is a long and historic multiplayer event that aims to bring people together from all across the community into teams. It has them compete against each other in multiple rounds of team-based minigames to get the most points possible.

Given how competitive these events can be, everyone is aiming for a first-place spot, though some have had more success at this goal than others. Detailed below are the players who have the most MCC victories to their names.

The first portion looks only at canon MCC events, where there is currently a three-way tie for victories. However, there is a single player with the most wins when looking at non-canon events, which is detailed later on.

Who has the most Minecraft Championship victories under their belt?

Canon-only wins

The three players with tied MCC canon victories (Image via Minecraft)
The three players with tied MCC canon victories (Image via Minecraft)

The first way to look at victories is to only look at canon tournaments. These are victories within canon MCC events, which are the numbered events that, as of now, are up to MCC 24. When considering these, there are three players that are tied for highest number of victories.

The first of these players is Hbomb94, one of MCC’s original 40 competitors, who has won in MCC 2, MCC 7, MCC 9, MCC 14, and MCC 20. He has also made it to Dodgebolt another four more times, though was unable to claim these victories. Hbomb94 also has five top 5 individual player placements to his name.

The second of these top players is Sapnap. He joined in MCC 7, which makes him a veteran player. He has achieved victory in MCC 11, MCC 15, MCC 18, MCC 19, and MCC 21. He has also made it to Dodgebolt another two times, but was unable to claim victory. The content creator also has a total of nine top 3 individual player rankings under his belt, which makes him a formidable opponent.

The final of these top tier players is, to no one’s surprise, Dream. The masked content creator is the best PvP player out there, and, given how many of these minigames are PvP-oriented, he was always going to be very good.

Dream’s victories were in MCC 8, MCC 11, MCC 15, MCC 16, and MCC 24. He has also made it to dodgebolt one additional time, but lost the game, and also has 10 top 3 individual rankings.

All Minecraft events


If non-canon events such as MCC Pride 21 and 22, MCC All-Stars, Yogscast’s Jingle Jam MCC, and MCC R are taken into consideration, the player with the most victories changes from being a three-way tie to a clear-cut winner.

Dream, one of the players tied for most canon victories, also has two different non-canon MCC events to his names, being MCC All-Stars and MCC Pride 22. This brings the Minecraft content creator to a total of seven victories over the history of Minecraft Championship.

The closest runner-up to this number of victories is another of the three-way tie, Sapnap. He was also on the winning team for MCC All-Stars, bringing him up to six wins, a close second to Dream.

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