Minecraft Dungeons vs Minecraft: 5 major differences players should know about

Image via PCMag
Image via PCMag
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Minecraft Dungeons is an action RPG that was developed by Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios, and Double Eleven. It is a more recent game, coming out on May 26th, 2020, and has been somewhat of a hit since its arrival.

This game is available on Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series X/S. The standard edition of the game costs $19.99, while the Hero Edition is $29.99. Hero Edition includes the Hero Pass, which in turn includes many in-game items that can only be collected via the Hero Pass.

Minecraft Dungeons shares part of its name with the original Minecraft, which might confuse some players into thinking that Minecraft Dungeons is similar to Minecraft. While they do have some similarities, they are quite different on many different accounts, even though the goal was to make the games very similar with only a few differences here and there.

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Minecraft Dungeons vs Minecraft

#5 - Different genres

Image via Windows Central
Image via Windows Central

Regular Minecraft is considered a sandbox game, which players are able to travel endlessly in. However, Minecraft Dungeons is a dungeon crawler, which is a type of role-playing game where the players navigate a dungeon environment. While both games are set in the same fictional universe, Minecraft Dungeons is an action RPG while Minecraft itself is a sandbox game.

#4 - Storyline

Regular Minecraft is known for not having a technical storyline. Sure, the main goal is to go and beat the Ender Dragon, but that is more of an end destination rather than a full-on storyline.

Minecraft Dungeons is very narrative-driven, telling a story about the main heroes' quest against evil mobs powered by what is called the Orb of Dominance. The antagonist of the game is what controls the dungeon systems, terrorizes towns, and much more. In fact, there even seems to be a back story about the antagonist, giving the storyline much more depth.

#3 - Crafting

Image via Windows Central
Image via Windows Central

One of the major abilities in Minecraft is the ability to craft items. Crafting items is essential, as most things that are craftable are needed for survival.

However, Minecraft Dungeons has absolutely no crafting aspects, making it almost (though not completely) the opposite of the Minecraft we are all familiar with. This is because it is an action RPG, where players will obtain items by looking through dungeons and killing enemies.

#2 - Action differences

Image via Eurogamer
Image via Eurogamer

One of the major differences between Minecraft Dungeons and regular Minecraft is that the action level in Minecraft Dungeons is significantly more than regular Minecraft.

In Minecraft Dungeons, players constantly have to fight their way through waves of mobs in order to reach the end of the campaign. Meanwhile, regular Minecraft does have fighting aspects, especially when it comes to fighting mobs at night, although players are not constantly fighting for their lives like they are in Minecraft Dungeons.

#1 - World building

Image via Windows Central
Image via Windows Central

Because Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft are two different genres, the world building is significantly different in both.

Players are not able to mine or build in Minecraft Dungeons, meaning that every stage the players are on is pre-built, and they are unable to add anything to it. Meanwhile, the goal of Minecraft is for players to build whatever their heart desires, meaning the world building is completely left in the hands of the player.

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