Minecraft Live 2022 quick recap: Everything announced during the latest event

The livestream from last week (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft Live 2022 took place last week (Image via Mojang)

Last week, Minecraft gamers came together to cast their votes for the Mob Vote before tuning in to see what Mojang had in store. The stream was highly anticipated, as it is usually the biggest source of information about what to expect in the coming year.

Minecraft Live was packed with lots of information. A big reason many crafters were watching was because they wanted to know the results of the vote, but there were plenty of other things to tune in for as well, and information about three of Mojang's major games was released.

Minecraft Live 2022 was a long stream, and many gamers may have missed out on some key information. Here's a quick summary of the highlights from Minecraft Live 2022.

Recap of all information revealed in last week's Minecraft Live

The biggest news announced during the event has to be the winner of the Mob Vote. With 55% of the total vote, the Sniffer defeated both the Tuff Golem (which was the first one out) and the Rascal (which made it to the second vote).

The Sniffer will be added to the game in the next major update, 1.20. A few things have been revealed about the update during the event. Camels will be a brand new mob. The developers are also planning on adding rafts and bamboo wood. Seven new default skins are coming, and it seems Mojang wants to add more player creativity to the game.


Decorative signs and bookshelves are also coming to the game. More information will likely be revealed before the update is released.

As for the two loser mobs, the Rascal and the Tuff Golem will join the Iceologer, Great Hunger, and other mobs that lost previous Mob Votes. It's doubtful if they will ever make it into the game, but the leftover mobs do sometimes get used in Minecraft Dungeons, so that may happen once again.

Season 3 of Minecraft Dungeons was given an official release date. The season will be called Fauna Faire, and it will arrive on October 19. It will heavily revolve around pets, as the promotional image suggests. All cosmetic rewards earned in the season will go to pets as well.

The third season for Dungeons (Image via Mojang)
The third season for Dungeons (Image via Mojang)

Mojang is also adding a brand new mission called Tree Top Tango in the jungle biome. It will be free and available to all Dungeons players, but the seasonal adventure will to need to be paid for to access anything but the free tiers.

The highly anticipated Minecraft Legends was also showcased during the event. The game will be released in the spring of 2023, so potential players won't have to wait much longer.


Minecraft Legends will have a co-op mode for players who want to play with their friends, a gameplay feature that was shown off during the livestream. New characters and settings were also revealed. This will probably be the last major reveal for the game before it gets released in a few months.

It was also announced that Batman would be coming to the Minecraft Marketplace. A DLC pack featuring the superhero is available right now.

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