Minecraft Mob Vote 2022: How to vote for your favorite mob

The Mob Vote will be in October (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
The Mob Vote will be in October (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Mojang has just announced the latest installment in Minecraft Live. Every so often, the developers host a live event in which they dispel all the important information regarding the game. This time, it will include key information about Minecraft Legends and Minecraft Dungeons, presumably a new season, and an official release date.

The biggest piece of information that Mojang has released is that the livestream will have a Mob Vote. Players are naturally excited about the prospect of being able to add their favorite mob (of the three choices) to the game.

This year, the Mob Vote will be slightly different from the ones held in 2017, 2020, and 2021. Here's how the Mob Vote will work in 2022.

Participating in the Mob Vote in Minecraft Live: A complete guide

Generally, Mojang posts an official poll on their Twitter handle, which witnesses intense activity for a short period of time. During that time, followers will have the opportunity to vote for their preferred mob.

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For example, last year, players could vote on the Allay, the Glare, or the Copper Golem. Once this poll ended, the top two mobs moved on.

A second poll was later created, with the two winners facing off against each other. The winner of that poll, in this case, the Allay, will be added to the game in a future update. The 1.20 update, whenever it arrives, is the most likely candidate for this addition.

This year, Minecraft is opening up the voting process to players who might not have access to Twitter or be active on the popular social networking website.

And get ready for the Mob Vote, where you will have a hand in deciding the game's newest addition!New this year, polls will open October 14 in three places:◾ A special Bedrock server◾ The Minecraft launcher◾

Gamers will now have the opportunity to vote in three places for the first time ever. The vote will be accessible on the official Minecraft website, so anyone with a computer or mobile device can participate in the voting process.

The second new location is perhaps the most interesting as it will be on a special Bedrock server that players will be able to join. This server will feature the Mob Vote alongside other additions, and will undoubtedly be a very unique experience to vote on future additions to Minecraft from within the game itself.

The third and final location will be within the Minecraft Launcher, an application that is typically used for Java Edition players and Windows 10 users. This will likely give every single player access to the vote, whereas the Twitter poll was slightly more exclusive. Now, the vote will arguably be more representative and everyone will get a chance to try and get their favorite mob into the game.

Last year's options (Image via Minecraft/YouTube)
Last year's options (Image via Minecraft/YouTube)

So far, Mojang has not revealed what this year's mobs will be. Besides the date and new voting formats, there have been no official announcements about the Mob Vote.

In the coming weeks, official Mojang channels will likely release that information, giving Minecrafters a chance to learn about the mobs before they get to vote on which one is added to the game.

Most likely, the upcoming three mob choices will be completely new, so there won't be any Iceologers, Great Hunger, or Mooblooms available. As always, the two losing mobs will not be added to the game at all.

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