Minecraft Live 2022: Everything known so far

Minecraft Live is an exciting event (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft Live is an exciting event (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft has cultivated a reputation as one of the most popular games on the planet over the last ten years. While it is known for its in-game mechanics, skins, character models, and lore, one of its strongest aspects outside of these features is its community.

The game’s community is filled with different players, many of whom are developers, modders, artists, etc. Mojang aspires to connect with each of these users by hosting an annual online event that provides information on updates and features.

This event is known as Minecraft Live.


Minecraft Live has been around for over a decade, like the game it showcases. Over the years, the event has gone through tons of name changes, including Minecon, Minecon Earth, Minecon Live, and finally, Minecraft Live.

The event is livestreamed all over the world. It has also had several occasions where in-person fan conventions have taken place along with the former.

The latter will return to the community in the future, with the event’s new name set to be Minecraft Festival.

Mojang teases new features for Minecraft Live ‘22


The latest iteration of the fan-favorite event will be held on October 15, 2022. This information was made public by the title’s Vanilla Game Director Agnes ‘LadyAgnes’ Larsson during the Minecraft Now livestream held almost a week ago.

The livestream is usually held on YouTube, so every gamer will be able to witness it.

Around 20 minutes into the livestream, the host, Vu Bui, asked LadyAgnes what the Mojang team had planned for the upcoming Live event. While the question took LadyAgnes by surprise, the answer audiences all over the world got was quite informative and exciting.


She revealed the date above for the event, which is in conjunction with the 2021 event held on October 16, 2021. Additionally, she mentioned that there would be tons of new announcements during the event.

The timing of the event was not revealed. However, if users follow the previous Live events, they will notice that almost all of them were held at 12 pm ET.


The team will also apparently be shifting their focus to two goals for the core of the game. The first of these goals, LadyAgnes said, is to celebrate the game with the players, with the second being to introduce new features that spread excitement among builders and miners.

Something that fans will be happy to know is that the Mojang team has taken careful steps to prevent unfinished or underdeveloped features from creeping into the event.


According to LadyAgnes, only those features developing the furthest will be shown to avoid situations similar to the delay of archeology, bundles, and more. However, this will mean that players will get fewer chances to get an early look at features in development.

Another upcoming event that will be held in conjunction with the Live event is the next iteration of the in-game mob vote. This time, however, Mojang is attempting something new regarding this somewhat controversial exercise.


The 2022 mob vote will no longer be held on Twitter, as has happened in previous years. Instead, it will take place on the game’s official launcher, which every user has easy access to (unless they don’t have it installed).

A new section titled “Minecraft Live” will be added alongside the four already established sessions on the left side of the launcher. Gamers will be able to vote straight from this tab.