5 best Minecraft mods that add mobs

5 best mods for Minecraft that add new mobs
5 best mods for Minecraft that add new mobs
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Modified 27 Mar 2021
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There are tens of thousands of different Minecraft mods freely available on the internet for players to install. Although Minecraft mods come in vastly different flavors, shapes, and sizes, they all set out with the objective of spicing the game up through the addition of new content.

One popular category for Minecraft mods among players includes those that add additional mobs to the game. These new mobs can be as extravagant as players desire, with the only real limit being imagination.

Several mobs added possess quirky characteristics unlike anything else seen in the vanilla game, and this list will highlight some of the best of such mods.

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The 5 best Minecraft mods that add new mobs

#5 Aquaculture 2

Aquaculture 2 is a Minecraft mod that primarily focuses on adding new ocean creatures to the game. It also expands and improves upon a lot of Minecraft's somewhat clunky and outdated vanilla fishing mechanics.


Specifically, the mod adds over 30 completely new and unique fish mobs for players to find and catch for themselves. Aquaculture also adds new types of fishing hooks and bait with unique properties that help players catch certain types of fish.

Download Aquaculture 2

#4 Ice and Fire: Dragons

Ice and Fire: Dragons is a popular Minecraft mod initially released in 2017, with frequent updates persisting to this day. As its name suggests, the mod adds several unique dragon mobs into the game, which can be fought, bred, and tamed by the player.

The fearsome dragons added to the game freely roam the lands of Minecraft and aren't easily conquered by players. Dragon abilities differ by breed, but the most dangerous are equipped with powerful attack abilities such as breathing fire and conducting lightning.


Download Ice and Fire: Dragons

#3 The Twilight Forest

The Twilight Forest is an OG Minecraft mod, having initially been created all the way back in 2011. Despite being an ancient relic compared to its peers, the mod is still frequently updated and is very well maintained, boasting over 40 million downloads in 2021.

In terms of gameplay, The Twilight Forest has a distinct horror theme, adding a new dimension to the game with spooky undertones that resemble a haunted forest.

Within this strange dimension, a myriad of unique and custom mobs are seen to spawn and haunt players, including Minotaurs, Yetis, Golems, Trolls, Goblins, Squirrels, and more.

Download Twilight Forest

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#2 Mowzie's Mobs

Mowzie's Mobs is a brilliant Minecraft mod, having raked in almost 10 million downloads over its 5-year lifespan. Hands down, it's easily also one of the best mods ever made in terms of mob-related content for players to explore.


Mobs added by this mod come in a myriad of different forms, with a spectrum of unique gameplay abilities and mechanics possessed by each. A particularly interesting and fan-favorite mob addition is the Frostmaw mob, which is a rare yeti-esque creature that guards powerful ice crystals capable of being weaponized if obtained.

Download Mowzie's mobs here

#1 Upgrade Aquatic

The upgrade aquatic mod, as the name suggests, sets out to upgrade the vast oceans of Minecraft, adding a plethora of new content specifically related to the biome.

Some notable mobs added to the game by this mod includes the Thrasher, which is a pre-historic shark-resembling beast. Thrashers pose a serious threat to players and have the ability to use sonar detection techniques to intelligently locate their prey.

By defeating Thrashers however, players are rewarded greatly. This includes obtaining critically needed materials in the crafting recipe of several greatly powerful weapons and items also added by the mod.

Download Upgrade Aquatic


If players are struggling to install these Minecraft mods, they can reference this guide or join the official curse forge discord server.

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