Minecraft players share interesting ideas and themes for the 1.21 update 

What could a new update hold? (Image via u/ZION_Minecraft on Reddit)
What could a new update hold? (Image via u/ZION_Minecraft on Reddit)

The Minecraft 1.20 update is barely a month old, and it's been a huge success. Nevertheless, it is never too early to start looking ahead at future installments, especially with many requested features still collecting dust. The latest patch introduced a lot of aspects to the game, but there's still room for plenty more in 1.21, 1.22, and so on.

One Minecraft player took to Reddit to ask the community what content the next update should have, and a ton of ideas emerged.

Minecraft community discusses potential 1.21 changes

The Redditor, who goes by ZION_Minecraft, posed the question:

"What do you think the 1.21 update is going to introduce?"

It's a big question, especially because there's really no information at all on what the next update could include. There's a lot of time between now and then. However, the game's community has a lot of ideas.

There are plenty of things that modders have made that players would love to see introduced in the main game. As always, creative fans have plenty of thoughts on what Mojang should do to improve the game.

One player believes that either the End dimension or dungeons need an update. Given that the End is rather expansive already, a dungeon update is more likely, but either one could be a very interesting change.

One Redditor agreed that dungeons need an update. Long ago, the structure was exciting, but it's now an afterthought for most players. They also believe that in the same change, Mojang can overhaul other structures that need enhancements.

Several biomes are, in the eyes of the community, begging for an update. Another player came up with a thematic element for the game to receive everything it needs. This makes sense, especially since Mojang prefers to update on theme and not just randomly.

Strongholds are the most important structure of all, given that they are the only pathway to the End, which is how to beat the game. Several members of the community believe they need an update desperately.

In the 1.16 update, the Nether was overhauled with new mobs, items, and biomes. Whenever 1.21 comes out, many gamers hope that the End undergoes a similar change.

Even though the Deep Dark is a new biome from 1.19, it holds countless possibilities. Could Mojang tap into them with the next update? One crafter certainly believes so.

The Badlands remains a very rare biome, but it's one brimming with possibilities. Could Minecraft introduce a themed village and more for the 1.21 update? A few players would love to see it.

The community clearly has a lot of strong feelings about what Minecraft needs. Will Mojang listen to them for the next update after the latest version?

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