Minecraft Redditor builds cozy closet filled with different blocks

Cozy closet with different useful blocks (Image via dieserjung/YouTube)
Cozy closet with different useful blocks (Image via dieserjung/YouTube)

The Minecraft Builds Reddit page is always bustling with activity as players from all around the world flock to it to showcase their builds. Whether it's a cozy hut or a mega castle, all kinds of builds can be showcased on this page. Although the page is not as huge as the original Minecraft page, it still has a flourishing community of its own.

Recently, a Redditor by the name of u/dieserjung posted some photos of their fascinating build idea. They used wooden doors and trapdoors to make a cozy closet for various items and blocks, and closets for different types of blocks and needs.

In one of the photos, they showcased a closet with several stone and mineral-related blocks like anvil, blast furnace, grindstone, and more. In the other photos, they made a closet with a cartography table, a map on the item frame, compass and lodestone. Each of these closets have a certain type of look and feel, which makes it extremely interesting to browse through.

Minecraft Redditor's variety of closets with different blocks garners positive reactions


People were instantly hooked to the post as they found the creative idea behind it brilliant. Within a day, the post received thousands of upvotes from the community. Several users commented that they appreciated the build idea of the original poster, and the latter also posted a link to their YouTube video showcasing the different types of closets.

A Redditor named u/DommeDistel appreciated the build and thanked the creator for inspiring them to build on Minecraft. Furthermore, they asked about the lodestone block, to which the original poster replied explaining what the block does.

A lodestone is a lesser-known block that can be connected with a compass and placed anywhere. The compass will point to the placed block instead of the player's spawn point.

Nearly all the Redditors who commented on the post seemed genuinely impressed by the innovative design. One Redditor by the name of u/Hoadro described their own method of using doors and trapdoors, and thanked the original poster for sharing his creative idea of using them as closet doors. Overall, the post garnered plenty of positive feedback on the Minecraft Builds page.

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