Minecraft Redditor creates a sugar golem mod

Sugar Golem with a hole in its head (Image via u/TheAmazingCraft Reddit)
Sugar Golem with a hole in its head (Image via u/TheAmazingCraft Reddit)
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Akshat Kabra

Minecraft has a huge community where thousands of enthusiasts constantly make new mods for the game, and these mods bring changes or add certain aspects to the game. There are a plethora of mods available for Minecraft, and they offer several features ranging from changing graphics to entirely changing the world and mobs. Something related to a new mod was recently posted on the popular Minecraft subreddit.

A Redditor by the name of 'u/TheAmazingCraft' posted several pictures of the adorable sugar golem they created in the game. The golem was a small mob, as high as one block. It had arms and legs like a normal iron golem, but it also had elbows and by using them, it was able to move its forearms. One of the striking features was that it had a hole in its head.

The original poster explained how they were developing this golem in their 'sugar' mod. They deliberately added a hole in golem's head and were quite impressed by how the mob turned out. They asked the Minecraft Reddit community for suggestions and thoughts on the sugar golem.

Redditors react to the sugar golem mod in Minecraft

Minecraft mods made by the modding community are always popular as they add new features to the game. Hence, the post about the cute sugar golem blew up on the Reddit page, garnering over 10 thousand upvotes and loads of comments. Redditors were fascinated to see a golem made up of sugar and discussed several aspects of it.

Some redditors came up with a brilliant idea of how the sugar golem will caramelize if it gets too close to lava or fire in the game. The idea was appreciated by the original poster as they replied to the comment. Others also talked about how the rain can hurt them as they will gradually dissolve in the water. One of the Redditors also talked about how bees in Minecraft should be able to eat the sugar golem.

Several redditors also discussed how the sugar golem could die and drop items. One of them suggested how the golem can drop 5-6 sugar items upon death, and if the golem is burnt to death, it can drop coal or blank ink. The original poster thanked everyone for all the suggestions that could improve the golem mod.

Many redditors were simply mesmerized by the adorable sugar golem. They asked whether it will do something specific in the game or simply be by the player's side, to which the original poster explained how they will be working on functionality soon. Other than that, hundreds of Redditors appreciated the sugar mod with the golem and commended the original poster.

Overall, Redditors flooded the post about the sugar golem in the sugar mod and discussed how the golem will be affected by the game itself. The death mechanism, mob loot, and behavior, all these aspects were discussed by the community at length. Even after 13 hours since it went live, the post continues to garner views and comments from other redditors on the Minecraft subreddit.

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