Minecraft Redditor finds perfect use for Allay in 1.19 update

The Allay mob (Image via Mojang)
The Allay mob (Image via Mojang)

The Minecraft 1.19 update introduced a ton of wonderful features to the game, including two new biomes and one generated structure (Ancient City). However, the three new mobs are arguably the best additions so far.

The Warden, who guards the Deep Dark biome, is a frightening and challenging mob. Frogs are commonly found in swamps and produce one of three kinds of foglights. Meanwhile, the Allay is wildly popular since it was the only mob that players actually chose for this update.

An Allay is rare and difficult to find, but it can be extremely helpful. They will collect and deliver items for players that give them something. One Minecraft Redditor (u/Alixindria_One) found an excellent use for this skill.

Redditors react as Minecraft player creates in-game cafe that Allays can work in

The Allay's base function is to serve whoever gives it an item. This makes it unique because almost every other mob that will listen to a player needs to be fed first.

Wolves need to be tamed with bones. Cats and ocelots have to eat fish. Parrots need to be fed seeds.

Allay Cafe (Image via u/Alixindria_One21 on Reddit)
Allay Cafe (Image via u/Alixindria_One21 on Reddit)

Allays only need one item to do things for the player, and that can pretty much be anything. If players hand them any item, the mob will follow them around and search for duplicates of that item.

Bringing items to people sounds a lot like a real-world profession: waiting tables. Redditor u/Alixindria_One decided that this would be an excellent role for Allays, so they created a cafe in Survival that the mob could work in.

As mentioned earlier, Allays bring the items they have found to the player. However, if a note block is played, they will temporarily be entranced by it and take the item to its location.

For this cafe, the Minecraft Redditor set it up so that Allays could bring either a golden carrot, suspicious stew or a cookie to the player, depending on what they "ordered."

Somehow, the user got the Allays to pick up the items through a redstone device (presumably with the help of dispensers). They then made them come to the note block at the table.

It's an ingenious idea and is a wonderful use of the Allay's skills. The Minecraft community seems to agree.

One commenter just loves the design of the cafe.

Another user likened it to Haunted Chocolatier, an upcoming game that definitely has similar vibes.

One player really wants to know how the Redditor pulled it off.

This Redditor was just dumbfounded.

One player just loves everything about this cafe.

Saying the original poster is creative is probably an understatement.

One commenter shared another use for the blue mobs.

However, another player doesn't believe there's a better use for them.

At the time of writing, the post has nearly 6K upvotes.

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