Minecraft Redditor recreates Fireboy and Watergirl characters in-game

Fireboy and Watergirl (Image via u/Albert_Kan on Reddit)
Fireboy and Watergirl (Image via u/Albert_Kan on Reddit)
Zachary Roberts

Minecraft players will most likely remember when gaming largely involved small games on a website. Cool Math Games was one of the most fun websites to visit and had tons of incredible games like Run and Bloons Tower Defense. Another incredibly popular game that still lives in players' minds is Fireboy and Watergirl.

Fireboy and Watergirl was the ultimate multiplayer game. Long before controllers and consoles were more prominent, multiplayer games were more challenging to pull off. Players had to share one keyboard with different buttons.

Fireboy and Watergirl (Image via Cool Math Games)
Fireboy and Watergirl (Image via Cool Math Games)

Fireboy and Watergirl made the game so that the two gamers had to help each other out. It was a fun time that many gamers would love to experience again.

One Minecraft Redditor made sure to capture that nostalgia and recreated the titular characters, sending the community down memory lane.

Minecraft player builds iconic multiplayer characters in-game

Anything is possible in Minecraft. That's the beauty of it. If players can think of it, chances are it can be built. This bodes well for gamers who are fans of characters from other franchises. Statues and homages can be successfully done.

That's exactly what this Redditor did. Fireboy and Watergirl hold a special place in so many people's hearts and this post is a terrific homage to that era of gaming.

Building 3D statues is challenging, especially if they're intended to be viewed from all angles. It's much easier to make a flat statue of an image than build a fully formed character.

That's what this player did and the result is stunning. Both Fireboy and Watergirl are stunningly crafted, providing an honorable tribute to two of the most iconic video game characters ever.

They may not have had their console games, but there are very few players who wouldn't immediately recognize them and feel a surge of joy. Even in the Minecraft community, these are two beloved characters.

The community remembers this game fondly and has loved seeing it brought to Minecraft. The comments are full of positivity.

This game holds a special place in many gamers' childhoods.

It is making quite a few commenters emotional.

Good memories, no doubt.

Nostalgia is a powerful thing.

Those truly were the good old days.

The build is incredible and it's evoking good memories for a lot of these players.

Minecraft has been around for a very long time.

Almost everybody played Fireboy and Watergirl.

Overall, the community has given the post over 13k upvotes in just 11 hours (of writing). It also boasts a 94% upvote percentage. It just shows how influential this game was for many who went on to become avid gamers today.

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