Minecraft Redditor shares in-game uncensored journalism library

The Uncensored Library (Image via u/venody Reddit)
The Uncensored Library (Image via u/venody Reddit)

Recently, a Minecraft redditor shared a huge in-game library project that offers loads of uncensored journalism from various countries. Despite the huge sandbox game being for recreational purposes, many people have used it as a platform to raise their voices and bring a positive change in the world.

The Uncensored Library project started in March of 2020. The huge library was made in-game and houses several books of journalism from various countries. These books contain news and information that are completely uncensored and free from oppression.

The redditor posted about the library yesterday on a non-Minecraft reddit page, yet it gathered a lot of attention. Many people flocked to the tweet and commented on the huge project and the sheer possibilities in the game.

Reactions from people on The Uncensored Library in Minecraft


After seeing the vastness of the library project, many people were intrigued by the build. They talked about the library as well as the game's potential and freedom to build almost anything. The post got thousands of upvotes on the reddit page as well.

Many people talked about the sheer amount of freedom and vastness of the sandbox game and how it can pave the way for creating a metaverse. Some people mentioned how metaverse is already being created on the internet, and that the game can be a huge part of it as well.

One of the redditors commented about another huge Minecraft project where players are building the entire earth in the game.

The original poster of the project also commented about their official site and how the library also contained news and information about COVID from various countries like Brazil, China, Hungary etc.

The library from the front (Image via u/venody Reddit)
The library from the front (Image via u/venody Reddit)

Another redditor shared his experience of downloading the library map and visiting it. He explained, though, that the volume of news books wasn't enough and it felt more like a PR project rather than actual news.

Some people also joked about how the governments of various countries will find out about this project and send an army of creepers to blow up the library.

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