Minecraft Redditor shares tragic story about their loaned donkey

Donkey with chest (Images via Minecraft Wiki)
Donkey with chest (Images via Minecraft Wiki)

The death of a pet or a family animal stings more than most. That's true in Minecraft, too, where many mobs can become pets. Many of them can even be tamed and be legitimate pets, while others are just adopted. Either way, many players form attachments with them throughout their playthrough.

When those pets die, it's genuinely tragic. Often it's a mob that does them in. A creeper explosion can deal significant damage and ultimately take a beloved pet from a Minecraft player. There are several other ways a mob pet can die, and none are less sad.

One Minecraft Redditor had an interesting experience with this and shared their heartbreaking story to the community. Check it out below:

Minecraft player shares how their brother returned their beloved donkey

Several mobs can become pets. Wolves and cats can be tamed, while others can be put on leads or fences. These include axolotls, cows, ocelots, foxes, horses, donkeys, etc.

Donkeys are one of the most valuable pets to have. They're slower than horses, but they can carry a chest. When traveling around, looting, and exploring everything, it's helpful to have extra storage.

This Redditor lent their valuable donkey to their brother. Naturally, they expected to get it back. While it was technically returned to them, it was in a heartbreaking form.

When donkeys are killed, they drop leather (up to two) and up to three XP orbs. They'll drop those items if the donkey is saddled or has a chest. All the contents of the chest will drop as well.

That's why it's so heartbreaking that this "donkey" was returned in the form of a dropped saddle, leather, and a chest. The donkey is gone, and all that remains is a painful reminder of what it was.

While it is sad that the donkey was borrowed and it resulted in its death, the Redditor and the community are looking at it in a humorous light. The community loves the post, putting tons of fun comments below it.

The aftermath (Image via u/MrMyers_ on Reddit)
The aftermath (Image via u/MrMyers_ on Reddit)

One Minecraft player ironically commented that this donkey has a few minor injuries. It should be back and better than ever in no time.

Another commenter referenced one of the most iconic comedy sketches of all time in Monty Python.

Others joked that since this Redditor received the individual pieces of the donkey, they could just put it back together again.

That prompted a few piggyback jokes, including ones about LEGO sets and IKEA furniture, both of which require significant assembly.

One commenter noticed that there was one thing missing from this "donkey" and that it might be time to take that missing item back.

Another made a joke about the other word for donkey that can be construed as an insult.

There are tons of methods of getting broken things to work again, but it's unlikely to work on these donkey remains.

Hopefully, Mojang doesn't see this comment and decides to add this achievement to future updates.

Overall, the post has received quite a bit of attention. In just 23 hours at the time of writing, it has already amassed nearly 50 thousand upvotes. It's a tragic tale, but clearly, the community is eating it up.

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