Minecraft Redditor showcases an elegant interior design inside a survival house

The exterior of the Redditor's house (Image via Reddit/u/dieserjung)
The exterior of the Redditor's house (Image via Reddit/u/dieserjung)

Minecraft is made up of many different game mechanics. Each mechanic brings something new and unique to the game and allows the game’s functionality to expand to allow players to have a fulfilling Minecraft experience. Building is one such mechanic.

Many players like to post and share what they build on social media platforms like Reddit. The Minecraft community on the forum then reacts to their builds, giving thoughts, compliments, and suggestions on how they could be better.

This article will talk about a build from Minecraft Redditor u/dieserjung, who recently posted a short clip of the interior of a custom-built survival house in the game.

Reddit reacts to Minecraft player's survival house interior

The medium-sized survival house is well-designed and has been dubbed "cozy" by many members of the game's community on Reddit. The short, 37-second clip showcases a small, lavishly decorated house interior with many items neatly displayed all over the place.

The primary blocks used for the house's interior are different variants of wooden planks, stairs, and slabs. Oak is the primary type of wood used. However, players can see birch wood in small sections all over.

The house consists of two floors and a basement. The entrance is a double door that leads to a bedroom on the right. The carpeted bedroom contains a double bed and is decorated with several bookshelves in addition to a furnace, crafting table, a skeleton head, chest, trapdoors, lanterns, some plants, and an Amethyst crystal.


The left side of the entrance leads down to the lower floor. The room is visibly more extensive, with a fireplace, workbench blocks, double chests, barrels, bookshelves, plants, candles, sea pickles, item frames, and a custom-made table.

Finally, the basement is another beautifully decorated room. An armor stand with an iron armor set can be seen in the corner, next to some workbench blocks, an Ender chest, an Azalea tree, and item frames on barrels designating the storage of tools and weapons.

Player reactions to the survival interior showcase

While a large chunk of the game's player base often likes to play on SMP servers or try and beat the Ender Dragon, many players dedicate hours, days, or even months working on builds within the game.

The vast amount of items available in the game, coupled with the amount of customization that can be carried out, makes building one of the most time-consuming yet fun activities.