Minecraft Redditor showcases their impressive sand juggling redstone machine

Sand juggler in Minecraft (Image via u/enderlord113 on Reddit)
Sand juggler in Minecraft (Image via u/enderlord113 on Reddit)
Manish Kumar Choudhary

Minecraft players can build anything they can conceptually imagine. The game world is made of numerous unique blocks. By acquiring these blocks, players can create impressive structures.

Redditor u/enderlord113 showcased their massive redstone contraption, which can juggle sand blocks. While building beautiful builds requires creativity and imagination, building redstone contraptions requires technical knowledge of tick rate, quasi-connectivity, redstone blocks, and more.

OP's redstone contraption impressed many other Redditors as the post got over 17K upvotes. The redstone machine was mesmerizing and oddly satisfying.

Minecraft player creates a sand juggling machine

The post

Redditor u/enderlord113 built a long redstone contraption to create waves of sand blocks repeatedly. To make this machine, OP used almost every type of redstone block. In the video, viewers can see tons of slime blocks, pistons, repeaters, observers, command blocks, and more.

First, OP activated the piston and slime block loops to make sure they were in sync. After that, OP summoned two long layers of sand blocks on both sides using command blocks at the right time to kick start the machine.

The first layer of sand was shot towards the right side, and then pistons launched the second layer to the left side. This entire thing repeats four times in sync with not too much delay.

How does it work?


Sand launchers are one of the most popular Minecraft contraptions. Redditor u/enderlord113 added a twist by launching sand sideways. OP used powered rails to activate pistons on both sides. Using repeaters, OP was able to create a pattern by adding fix delays.

OP used a chain of command blocks to place sand blocks at the same time on both sides. Once the sand blocks were in place, pistons and slime blocks launched them from one side to the other. This same contraption would also work with other gravity-affected blocks like gravel, concrete powder, etc.


Minecraft Redditors love to watch mega redstone contraptions. OP's machine would have been a lot more satisfying with colored concrete powder, as mentioned by u/Prototype_113.

Reddit user u/not_seggie laughed at the fact that OP's contraption will cause huge lag spikes in Minecraft. With so many redstone objects and entities in loaded chunks, this machine would lag in many devices.

Redditor u/A-Wild-Matt-Appeared said how mesmerizing OP's redstone build looks. Without a doubt, this machine deserves a place in the Oddly Satisfying subreddit.

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