Minecraft snapshot 22w24a Java Edition Patch notes: Allay dance, duplication, and more

Allay, get some changes in Minecraft snapshot 22w24a (Image via Mojang)
Allay, get some changes in Minecraft snapshot 22w24a (Image via Mojang)

After the successful release of The Wild Update, Mojang released a Minecraft snapshot 22w24a for Java Edition for the next 1.19.1 version of the game. The game company has already started working on the next incremental update for the sandbox game.

Although this update will have smaller changes to the new features already added, snapshots of this update will be worth checking out.

We're now shipping the first snapshot for the 1.19.1 release. Enjoy!…

The Minecraft 1.19 update brought loads of new features like mobs, biomes, structures, blocks, items, enchantments, status effects, etc. After the main update was released, Mojang started working on the incremental update to enhance The Wild Update further.

Minecraft snapshot 22w14a is the first snapshot after the main update, and it adds a couple of Allay and chats changes along with several bug fixes.

Full patch notes for Minecraft snapshot 22w24a in Java Edition


The patch notes for Minecraft snapshot 22w24a were posted a few hours ago on the official game website. The list is quite small, but some features will be fascinating to watch in the game. Here is the full list of patch notes for the Minecraft snapshot 22w24a:


  • Added Allay duplication
  • Added Player Chat Reporting


  • Allays will dance to a Record playing in a Jukebox
  • If the Allay is handed an Amethyst Shard while dancing, it will duplicate
  • Duplication has a 2.5-minute cooldown


Reporting a player for sending abusive messages in the game chat is now possible.

A reporter is required to select individual chat messages that contain objectionable content, as well as the category of the report. This provides the best context for our moderation team to take action.

Accessed via the social interaction screen (default keybind is P).

  • The social interactions screen is now available via the Pause screen in a multiplayer game.
  • Multiple chat messages can be selected for reporting
  • The category of the chat report can be selected from a list of Chat Report Categories
  • Additional comments can be entered to provide more details and information regarding the report


  • Trader llamas continue to spit after their target died
  • Nitwit villagers can have a profession
  • Cured Villager can work at a wrong workstation
  • Sky color is visible briefly after applying Night Vision under the Darkness effect.
  • Frogs can lay spawn on flowing water
  • Frogs don’t lay their spawn on waterlogged blocks
  • Loading server resource packs reloads twice when one is already loaded
  • Mobs that naturally spawn in with equipment will play the respective equipping noise
  • Cured Villager trades are not refreshing
  • Commands sending messages use the formatting of regular chat in server logs.
  • Unexpected exception in the selector loop causing server lag

To download the Minecraft snapshot 22w24a, players can head to the official game launcher and select 'Latest Snapshot' from the drop-down menu. Once they hit play, the launcher will automatically download and run the snapshot.

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