Minecraft star Dream sends fans into a frenzy after he shares wholesome pictures of his cat, Patches 

Dream recently shared multiple pictures of his cat, Patches
Dream recently shared multiple pictures of his cat, Patches

Minecraft star Dream recently sent scores of fans across the globe into a tizzy after he shared multiple pictures of himself with his beloved cat, Patches.

The 21-year-old Minecraft sensation has been on a bit of a social media splurge of late, with recent pictures of his pet cat, Patches, serving as the definitive cherry on top of a rather wholesome week.

From hosting a livestream to sharing a wholesome Pride Month message, Dream's active social media presence of late has proved to be an immense source of joy for his legion of fans.

This seems to have reached its crescendo recently, with Dream sharing not one but three wholesome pictures of himself in custom merch, with Patches and a snug green and white knit blanket for company.

Within moments of him posting online, Twitter was abuzz with a slew of reactions as excited fans collectively gushed over the wholesome duo.

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Dream x Patches content takes over the internet ft. hand pics

One of the most popular content creators today, Dream's meteoric rise over the last year has been nothing short of remarkable. With more than 20 million subscribers on YouTube today, the faceless sensation is in the midst of a prolonged purple patch that seems to be showing no signs of fading just yet.

From leaving fans in awe of his ridiculous in-game plays to churning out infectious music tracks, Dream's thriving social media persona continues to grow from strength to strength.

Dream's cat Patches, too, has amassed quite the stellar fan following online, as evidenced by the barrage of reactions that have taken over social media since his recent appearance alongside the faceless sensation.

Here are some of the reactions online, as fans enthusiastically took to Twitter to react to being blessed with wholesome "Patches content":

As fans continue to go gaga over Patches' show-stealing appearance, Dream recently took to his private Twitter account to share an appreciative message for fans, as he revealed that he has started to feel more like his "old self" of late:

This new, positive side of Dream bodes extremely well for his fans, who just can't seem to get enough of the treasure trove of wholesome content coming their way of late.

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