Minecraft star Dream trolls fans with a fake face reveal on Twitter 

Dream recently decided to share a picture of what he claimed was his face
Dream recently decided to share a picture of what he claimed was his face

After months of eager anticipation, the long elusive "Dream face reveal" seemingly dropped on Twitter recently, leaving scores of fans shocked in the process, until they realized there was more to it than what met the eye.

The 21-year Minecraft star, whose identity remains shrouded in mystery, recently came under fire online, after being accused of purportedly turning a blind eye towards racism in his community.

In the aftermath of the aforementioned controversy, a certain section of the online community began to circulate fake face reveals of people, whom they claimed was Dream.

This led to an outcry from his fans, who not only slammed their toxic attempts to compromise Dream's identity, but also the fact that they were leaking pictures of random people on the internet in an attempt to create mass hysteria online.

Presumably in response to the recent furor over his alleged leaked face reveal, Dream recently took to Twitter to troll his followers with what he claimed was a face reveal - created straight off

In the tweet above, Dream seems to have made the most of his access to Generated photos, an app that is easily accessible and enables the user to virtually create fake faces with the help of AI systems, right from scratch.

Within minutes of his posting, Twitter erupted as fans flocked to the platform to respond via a barrage of humorous reactions.

Fans come up with hilarious replies as Minecraft star Dream leaks a fake face reveal

Over the course of his extremely successful streaming career so far, the one persistent question that crops up every now and then is related to what Dream possibly looks like.

While there have been tons of leakers and mischief-makers online who have leaked so-called Dream face reveals online, his real identity remains a closely guarded secret, which only his close friends and family seem to know about.

His affinity towards courting controversy from time to time has only amplified the strong duality of perception that exists online, on account of which several label Dream as a polarizing figure in today's digital age of streaming.

At the same time, it also makes him all the more vulnerable to these kinds of leaks, as the life of a faceless streamer is fraught with a truckload of complexities.

Keeping that in mind, Dream's recent tongue-in-cheek decision to drop a face reveal of his own led to a slew of reactions from fans, who responded via a mix of relief and humor:

Taking it one step further than his earlier Shrek-themed face reveal, Dream's recent tweet has once again revealed his uncanny knack for trolling his fanbase.

Despite numerous leaks doing the rounds online, the identity of one of the biggest content creators in the world continues to elude the roving eye of the internet, at least for the time being.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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