"A private jet?!" Minecraft streamer Ph1LzA reacts to Tubbo taking a private jet

Tubbo & Ph1LzA (Image via Twitter)
Tubbo & Ph1LzA (Image via Twitter)
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Minecraft streamer Ph1LzA reacted to Tubbo's photos of him flying in a private jet. Tubbo is one of the well-known Minecraft content creators. He is famous for his role-playing in the popular Dream SMP and Origins SMP servers.

Recently, Tubbo went on a trip to the US to meet his friends. During the trip, he flaunted his earnings by posting a photo of himself flying on a private jet and having a McLaren. The 17-year-old's fame skyrocketed as he played Minecraft on Twitch, and it paid off as he went to the US with his own money and enjoyed himself thoroughly.

Minecraft streamer Ph1LzA reacts to Tubbo taking a private jet


When Ph1LzA was casually streaming Minecraft, he checked Tubbo's post, which had photos of him taking a private jet with Ranboo, Aimsey, and other streamers in the US. Ph1LzA lost his mind after seeing this and exclaimed this at 0:07 into the stream clip:

Oh he has taken a private jet! He took a private jet!

After that, Ph1LzA admitted that even he wouldn't dare to spend that much money on something. He laughed at the ridiculous amount Tubbo spent on the private jet. He then told a story about how he and his wife, Kristen, were planning trips for next year, and Ph1LzA expressed his shock after hearing about the price of the flights. In the clip, he mimicked his shock at 0:41:

She told me the premium economy price, and I was like 'Ah! Oh its so much!
Ph1LzA on his stream (Image via Canooon, YouTube)
Ph1LzA on his stream (Image via Canooon, YouTube)

Ph1LzA then discussed with his followers how much a private jet could've cost Tubbo. He also predicted it to be 20 to 50 thousand dollars. Ph1LzA explained how Tubbo's thinking worked when he decided to take a private jet. He humorously said this at 1:09 into the stream clip:

This is just Tubbo deciding 'Yes, this' Tubbo living his best life. Spending all the cash.

The Minecraft star doesn't own a private jet. He just took it to fly to someplace with his friends Ranboo, Aimsey, Billzo, etc. He has also been humorously associated and seen with a blue McLaren Hypercar, although it's not confirmed if it is his or not.

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