"Really excited to move to UK": Minecraft streamer Ranboo expresses excitement to move to UK

Ranboo on his stream (Image via Ranboo, Twitch)
Ranboo on his stream (Image via Ranboo, Twitch)

Recently, Minecraft star Ranboo announced that he is going to be moving back to the UK. He expressed his excitement and anticipation on how he can't wait to return to England and meet all his friends.

Ranboo's popularity skyrocketed while he was on a 4 month trip to the UK. He lived with Tubbo and constantly pushed out fun-filled Minecraft content. During this time, he met with many of his friends in England, including Wilbur Soot, Ph1LzA, TommyInnit and more. In November 2020, Ranboo bid farewell to everyone in the UK and returned to the US. He recently told his followers about his plans to move back to the UK and work from there.

Minecraft streamer Ranboo talks about moving back to the UK


During a casual stream, Minecraft star Ranboo talks to his viewers about various topics, including him moving back to the UK. He expressed his immense delight about moving back to England. He said this at the beginning of the clip.

"I'm just really really excited to move to the UK. Really hyped for that, it's gonna be sick."

He also mentions that after moving to the UK, he will be able to make so much content for his fans. Someone on his streaming chat mentioned the possibility of him moving into a streamer house, which was immediately denied by Ranboo. The Minecraft streamer explained how he wanted to live alone and not have too many people in the same house. He said this at 0:33 in the clip:

"I cannot live with people."
Ranboo with Tubbo (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ranboo with Tubbo (Image via Sportskeeda)

Previously, when the streamer was in the UK, he lived with Tubbo for 4 months. But this time, the Minecraft streamer has decided to live completely alone. He speaks about how meeting people for a short amount of time is okay, but he can't live with anyone for a longer period of time.

Fans erupted over this news of their favorite streamer returning to the UK to meet up with other fellow Minecraft streamers again. They flocked to Twitter to express their excitement. Many of them remembered when Ranboo left the UK and his last stream in the country.

Ranboo has been one of the most famous Minecraft streamers and content creators in recent years. The young streamer has exponentially gained popularity in the gaming community.

He has collaborated with other famous Minecraft streamers like Dream, TommyInnit, Tubbo and others. He is also known among other world famous content creators.