“If his doctor says its okay”: Minecraft streamer Wilbur Soot wants to meet Technoblade during his trip

Wilbur Soot & Technoblade (Image via Sportskeeda)
Wilbur Soot & Technoblade (Image via Sportskeeda)
Akshat Kabra

Wilbur Soot is one of the most well-known Minecraft streamers. He is famous for his role-playing on Minecraft's Dream SMP server and the SMP Earth server. Recently, Wilbur Soot went on a trip to the US and is eager to meet all his US-based fellow Minecraft streamers, including Technoblade.

A month back, Tubbo, another famous Minecraft streamer, planned his long-awaited trip to the US. And a few days back, Wilbur Soot posted a surprise photo of himself in the US as well. Many of his fans went wild over this as another one of their favorite streamers went on the trip.

During his quarantine period, Wilbur Soot streamed on Twitch and had a chat with his followers. He also talked about experiencing the States and his desire to meet Technoblade.

Minecraft streamer Wilbur Soot talks about his desire to meet Technoblade

While he was streaming, Wilbur Soot chatted with his followers. He expressed how he wants to have fun and explore the city and the culture. He stated that he was mainly in the US to work and meet influencers, but his wish was to vibe. He also shares how he wants to meet his YouTube heroes who live in the US.

Later, the Minecraft streamer compared Los Angeles to the GTA San Andreas map and how similar some places are. He joked about the Observatory, which is also present in the game.

Wilbur Soot on his stream (Image via YouTube)
Wilbur Soot on his stream (Image via YouTube)

Soon, his followers started asking him about meeting Technoblade. They were eager to know whether the two of their favorite streamers would have a meet-up. Wilbur Soot explained how it depends on his medical condition. In the clip, he said:

It's one of those things where, medically, if his doctor says it's fine. If his doctor says its okay for us to meet in a nice and open area I would absolutely love to do the drive.

Earlier this year, Technoblade was diagnosed with cancer. Hence, because of his weakness, it might not be possible for him to do a meet-up. Wilbur Soot understands his friend's situation and doesn't want to force him in the slightest. He states that if medically he is not fit enough, then he won't add any extra risk.

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