Fans go wild as Minecraft streamers Wilbur Soot and Technoblade meet up

Technoblade tweets a photo of Wilbur (Image via @Technothepig Twitter)
Technoblade tweets a photo of Wilbur (Image via @Technothepig Twitter)

Technoblade, a well-known Minecraft content creator, shocked his fans by tweeting a humorous photo of another fellow streamer, Wilbur Soot, indicating their meet-up. He rarely posts anything on the platform; hence people were delighted to see two of their favorite streamers finally meet for the first time.

Technoblade is considered a veteran and one of the most skilled players of Minecraft. He and Wilbur Soot are old friends and have played on multiple servers for years. In 2021, when Wilbur was in the US, he expressed how he wanted to meet Techno but was unable to due to Techno's health at the time.

On February 9, Techno tweeted a hilarious photo of Wilbur Soot sitting on the floor in a defensive position. He humorously mentioned that he caught Wilbur planting TNT.

caught this guy placing TNT under my house

Fans and other streamers react on Minecraft stars Technoblade and Wilbur Soot meeting

After the tweet went live, it instantly got loads of attention. Fans were shocked at the surprise tweet and meet-up of both the streamers. The tweet received thousands of likes and comments from everyone. Other Minecraft streamers and content creators also replied to the comical photo.

Wilbur Soot himself replied to the tweet and humorously requested Techno not to hurt him, essentially voicing his photo in the defensive position.

@Technothepig @WilburSoot so that’s where he wandered off to. Make sure he eats something, keep the TNT.

Ph1LzA, another known streamer and a good friend of both, humorously requested Techno to feed Wilbur. In Dream SMP server stories, Ph1LzA is the father of both streamers.

@tommyinnit @Technothepig @WilburSoot this is the closest to 4/4 we’ll get to for a bit lol

While Techno and Wilbur were meeting in the US, TommyInnit and Ph1LzA were meeting in Brighton. TommyInnit humorously addressed Ph1LzA as their father and teased both of them. Ph1LzA also replied to a comment that this is probably the closest the four of them will ever be.

@Technothepig @WilburSoot watch out he’s gonna build a fast food establishment on your driveway

Quackity, another known streamer, humorously replied to the tweet, warning Techno about Wilbur opening a fast-food restaurant in his driveway.

@Technothepig THERES NO WAY?????????????
@Technothepig to the people who wants to believe it's real, i give you my two cents on the matter

Other than famous streamers, thousands of fans flocked to the tweet to express their utter shock at the surprise meet-up. People were also skeptical if they actually met or not.

One person even compared Techno's house wall paint color and confirmed that Wilbur was in his house.

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