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Top 5 Minecraft survival tips and tricks

Minecraft survival tips and tricks (Image Credit - GeminiTay, YouTube)
Minecraft survival tips and tricks (Image Credit - GeminiTay, YouTube)
Edward Hays
Modified 22 Feb 2021
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Minecraft survival is the way the game was intended to be played by its developers. In survival mode, players spawn inside a vast blocky world and must use resources around them to survive and thrive.

Players can enjoy the survival game mode alone or with others while playing on one of many Minecraft survival servers.

There are several great tips and tricks to be told regarding Minecraft survival, some of which can drastically improve a player's experience within the game.

Note: This is a subjective list based on the opinion of the writer.

The best tips and tricks for Minecraft survival

#1 Never dig straight downwards

Digging straight down is never a wise idea in Minecraft.
Digging straight down is never a wise idea in Minecraft.

It's hardly ever a good idea to mine towards directly in this game. Too many times have unsuspecting players paid the price of this careless practice.

All it takes is one hidden lava pool to wisen players up as to why this is such a bad idea, especially if they are carrying precious items that took hours of grinding to obtain.


Instead, it's a much better idea for players to make a staircase while descending into the world.

#2 Make zombie resistant doors

Zombie proofing a door is a great way for players to effortlessly keep troublesome zombies out of harm's way whilst inside their base.

Zombies in Minecraft will normally break any door that they think is currently in a closed state. However, a neat trick that players can use manipulates core game mechanics such that zombies think that the door in front of them is actually in an open state, when in reality, it's closed.

Technically, a door may be in an 'open' state in terms of what the game's code thinks. However, what is seen in reality, is that the door is actually closed, and thus keeping zombies out of harm's way.

#3 Any mushroom biome is safe

A mushroom island
A mushroom island

Hostile mobs do not naturally spawn inside a mushroom biome, even at night time.

This makes mushroom biomes a great choice for players to set up camp, not to mention that the native mooshrooms provide a near-infinite source of food because they are milked.

#4 Infinite water sources are a must

This is an absolutely game-changing trick for players who have set up base afar from a large water source. This trick can also help play on a Minecraft server where there may be a limited amount of water available for one reason or another.

It's effortless to set up an infinite water source in Minecraft and can be done very quickly, only requiring a small initial water source and a bucket or two.

All players need to make an infinite water source is dig a 2x2 hole and then place a bucket of water on opposite corners of this pit. Just like that, an infinite source of water has been created that will last a lifetime.

#5 Use pumpkin heads for dealing with Endermen

Wearing a pumpkin allows players to look at Endermen.
Wearing a pumpkin allows players to look at Endermen.

If a player wearing a pumpkin stares an Enderman directly in its eyes, the Enderman will not be provoked, as one might have typically expected.

This trick is handy when players venture into the End dimension due to the sheer natural abundance of Endermen in the region. Accidentally looking at one of hundreds of Endermen inside the End dimension is an easy mistake for anyone to make.

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Published 20 Feb 2021, 13:58 IST
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