5 best Minecraft medieval mods to try in 2022

Minecraft's medieval mods are impressive (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft’s modding community is one of the biggest in all of gaming. Mods consist of specially designed content that brings custom-made entities into the game. They’re often made by players and can consist of new items, mobs, biomes, dimensions, mechanics, and other modifications like shaders, resource packs, performance enhancements, and more.

Each mod brings something new to Minecraft and has compatibility with different programs like Forge, Fabric, etc.


Many mods focus on a specific theme and work to transform Minecraft into a game that resonates with that theme. Some change the game into a medieval world with features like dragons, castles, bridges, moats, and knights. This article dives into five mods that focus on the medieval experience for players.

These Minecraft mods turn back time

5) Project Brazier


Project Brazier is a medieval mod for Minecraft that focuses on core RPG mechanics. Its main objective is to offer the best RPG experience to Minecraft players.

It currently contains over 63 new blocks, most of which are aimed towards decoration and cosmetics. However, the remaining 13 blocks are for the build. Other items this mod includes (or is soon to include) are alternative stairs blocks, torch holders, telescopes, rope bridges, and new workbench blocks.

4) Nef’s Medieval Decoration


As the name of this Minecraft mod suggests, it adds a ton of decorative items to the game. Nef’s Medieval Decoration is an old mod that has been in play since before Minecraft 1.16.

Features range from chairs, tables, and racks to rubble, shelves, gold coins, custom cages, flagons, and barrels of mead, and even dead skeletons scattered around the area.

The mod also adds an entirely new biome named “The Battlefield,” which includes medieval-style structures. These include watchtowers, ruins, machinery that has been broken down, and more. The mod also changes many vanilla textures to introduce those that look more like something from the medieval period.

3) Rustic


Rustic is a mod that is more low-profile than its counterparts on this list. It adds new blocks like chandeliers, along with alternative designs for candles. Players can also find gargoyles, wooden tables, chairs, clay pots, and even new tree types like olive, ironwood, and apple.

Aside from this, new crop types and beverages can be found within the mod, which players can craft, provided they have a recipe for it. Players can find designs and variants for pillars, timber walls, half-walls, slate blocks, and more about architecture. Finally, players can brew different beverages, each affecting the players who consume them.

2) Dawn of Time


Dawn of Time is a unique medieval mod that adds more than 300 blocks to the game. The mod mainly focuses on medieval architecture and aims to glorify the various build designs of the period.

The blocks found in the mod are from various cultures worldwide, including the Roman, Persian, Japanese, Egyptian, French, Mayan, and German medieval periods. These blocks include fireplaces, lattice windows, and interior design pieces like iron kettles. Another great feature of this mod is that it.

1) Ancient Warfare 2


Ancient Warfare 2 is a medieval-themed mod that primarily focuses on automation. Every component featured in the mod is based on the medieval period. Windmills, sterling engines, watermills, automatic farms, and other complex machines are available within the mod’s features.

Players can recruit soldiers and assign them to different classes to build armies, such as archers, infantry, engineers, medics, horsemen, and more. Other features include NPCs for various functions and jobs like trading as priests, farmers, etc.


Players can use the mod’s automation functions and the NPCs above to automate their entire city. Automated workers can fight and build different structures and machines.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

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