5 best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons for beginners

Minecraft Dungeons gameplay can be helped with the right weapons (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft Dungeons gameplay can be helped with the right weapons (Image via Mojang)
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Minecraft Dungeons has a wealth of weapons available to players. There are so many that it can often be overwhelming. With varying options, and many of them really good, it can also depend on the gamer's level and playstyle.

Finding out which ones to use can be difficult and might even cause players to lose levels or hunts. Here are five that are pretty good for beginners to use.

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Best weapons for Minecraft Dungeons beginners

5) Daggers

Daggers are arguably the best weapon to use in speed-based builds, which are very useful when trying to figure out the game. Being able to move quickly and attack quickly is a huge benefit to have in Minecraft Dungeons, so beginners can use daggers early on.

Daggers are really useful for beginners in Minecraft Dungeons (Image via Mojang)
Daggers are really useful for beginners in Minecraft Dungeons (Image via Mojang)

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4) Longbow

The Longbow has great Charged Attacks, which make it very useful for anyone, but especially for beginners. They can deal up to three times the normal attack damage, which is highly coveted. It's slow but also great at range, so being slow doesn't necessarily hurt. Beginners who want to get good at attacking from range should use this weapon.

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3) Glaive

Aaaah yes, I love my Venom Glaive equipped with my Longbow 🤣 @dungeonsgameI love this game so much 💕💕

The Glaive is one of the best weapons that players can get early in the game. It's available from Soggy Swamp and can be used pretty early on. It's a great melee weapon because it has a much higher range than most other melee weapons. The ability to hit enemies from further away is great for players to stay alive and safe. It's a bit slower, but the tradeoff is worth it.

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2) Heavy Crossbow

Ranged attacking is really useful in Minecraft Dungeons, so the best ranged weapons are very good for beginners to get used to. The Heavy Crossbow has really good attacking, so it's a useful weapon for any point in the game. Holding down the button will also repeatedly fire, making it better than other crossbows.

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1) Soul Knife

Collecting souls is very useful in Minecraft Dungeons, so having one that does two each time is advantageous. They're also very powerful. There's a tradeoff for speed, but it's okay to lose some speed with a weapon like this.

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My favorite weapon in the game so far! ......well Soul Knife is up there too. @Mojang @dungeonsgame #Minecraft #MinecraftDungeon #actionrpg #rpg #addicted #awesomegame

Which of these weapons is the best one to use in early-game? Let us know in the comments below!

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