Dream face reveal: What has the Minecraft streamer said about possible face reveal this year?

Dream plans to reveal his face (Image via Dream)
Dream plans to reveal his face (Image via Dream)

Dream has been producing Minecraft videos for several years and not a single viewer has seen his face. They've only seen the smiling logo that has become synonymous with his name.

Dream's YouTube account started over eight years ago in February of 2014 and has remained faceless since, but that may change.

Fans have long been begging for a face reveal, as they always do with streamers or players who don't show their face (Minecraft star Ranboo experiences it, too). For once, their cries may not fall on deaf ears. Here's what Dream has said about a possible face reveal.

Dream face reveal: Will the Minecraft streamer ever do it?

Right before the end of 2021, Dream dropped a bombshell on fans. He told them he's planning to remove the mask in 2022. It's March and he hasn't done so yet, but there's still plenty of time.

dream explaining how he wants to do his face reveal

On December 25, he had this to say regarding a face reveal:

"He'll (Georgenotfound) be doing like a Vlog type thing. In his Vlog, we'll meet or whatever, I probably won't have my face in that but... most likely, could be, we'll see. I don't know all the details. After that, I'd say within a week or two... maximum of two weeks from that. I guess it just depends on how complicated the face reveal will be."

There's also a good chance that Dream's real-life Minecraft manhunt could reveal his face. It would be awfully difficult to record and do that without showing a face or wearing a full mask the entire time. However it happens, his fans are certainly excited to see it.

dream will face reveal. dream will show his face. we are going to see dream’s face. this feels so surreal

Other than that, it's been relatively quiet on the Dream face reveal front. Dream did lay out a scenario for it and confirmed that he wants to do it, but hasn't given any more information beyond that.

The last manhunt teased a real life one and a face reveal (Image via Dream on YouTube)
The last manhunt teased a real life one and a face reveal (Image via Dream on YouTube)

For now, it remains a waiting game for the devoted fans who have been patiently looking forward to the day the mask comes off. Fortunately, it seems like a short wait now.

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