"It's an exciting day!": Fans react as Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update is finally released

Minecraft 1.19 is finally here, and fans can't get enough of it! (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft 1.19 is finally here, and fans can't get enough of it! (Image via Mojang)

On Tuesday, June 7th, 2022, Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update was finally released to millions of eager fans itching to explore the newest features, biomes, and mobs.

Minecraft 1.19 has been a long time coming for several fans of the game, as features that have been implemented as of today's update were teased to be released during previous updates, such as Caves & Cliffs Part II.


That said, the wait is now over and fans can finally explore the Mangrove Swamp, recruit Allays, collect mud blocks, and so much more.

Fans' response to the update has been overwhelming, both positively and negatively. While most fans are excited about the new features that have been released today, others believe the update is overhyped and could benefit from more expansive and immersive features.

Fans react to the release of Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update

On June 7, 2022 at 11:03 AM EST, Mojang tweeted out that the long awaited Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update was finally out to the public and ready for players to traverse and explore.

#TheWildUpdate is out now!Whether you want to explore the depths of the Deep Dark, build your forever mud-brick home, or battle pillagers to rescue an imprisoned allay, it’s time to craft your path! #Minecraft🐸

The title's 1.19 version boasts a ton of new features, including three new mobs, two new biomes, as well as new blocks and items. The Warden, a fearsome mob that was planned to be implemented during the the game's 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part II, finally had its long-awaited official release in The Wild Update.

Fans have mostly been ecstatic for the update, sharing their excitement on social media and talking about their ideas on how to get the most out of the latest features.

@Minecraft Now comes time to see everyone on YouTube explore 1.19!I'm seriously hyped to see LukeTheNotable face the Warden, Hermitcraft use mangrove wood and make amazing contraptions with Allays, SciCraft make extremely complex mechanisms to go as far as to farm the warden-hypeee!🧭🍪🐸
@Minecraft IT’S AN EXCITING DAY!!!!!
@Minecraft This update is not as bad as people make it out to be, new wood, 4 mobs, a useful tool for finding dropped loot, a music disc, new caves, a new structure, wireless redstone, chest boats, ect.Despite the removed two pixel mobs and birch biome changes, the update holds up well.

For many fans who are excited for the new update, there are just as many that feel it hasn't lived up to the hype that it boasts. There have been many complications and setbacks with updates and the features that were teased that were later dropped to focus on more prominent aspects of the game. And they haven't gone unnoticed by fans.

MC 1.19 was supposed to include fireflies, archeology, as well as a new Birch forest biome, which were later dropped. Fans are a bit let down that it's taken years of waiting for the game to still not live up to the expectations that the teasers for these updates themselves seemed to set.

@Minecraft The fact it took you guys 3 years and 3 different parts for one update is insane and still don't meet expectations. Lol you guys got to release every thing at once next.
@Minecraft update 3 out of ? still not everything that was announced in the og caves and cliffs. (archeoligy & bundles)
@Minecraft More work was put into this animation rather than in the whole update itself.

User @cp_tornado delved into their perspective as a long-time player of MC, explaining that the focus of these updates doesn't seem to be expanding the universe or making more playable and interesting by introducing new content.

They explained that the last few updates seem to revolve around a superficial mob/block that got younger fans excited for the update, but doesn't enhance gameplay and exhausts these minimal features very quickly.

@Minecraft OLD PLAYER'S PERSPECTIVE: I just want to say that... after 9 years I really got tired of minecraft, as soon as cave and cliffs was announced I was so excited for new adventures, innovation for mining... (1/x)
@Minecraft but the only thing we got it was holes of tnt and grass... it has no adventure itself. The 2 new ores are totally tedious just like the nether update in 10 minutes you get sick because the loots are from items that already exist, in 10 minutes you've done everything you could...
@Minecraft the fortress remains the same without any good reward or mini boss. .. the wild update, which changed absolutely nothing wild, not even the swamp itself, which has remained dull since forever...
@Minecraft as well as the warden that, just by destroying the sckulk, they don't spawn, and if you leave close, they disappear.. .. not to mention nothing innovative items in the deep dark.... this game is turning more like roblox...
@Minecraft focusing only on kids... no adventure, no fun... just random things like a block or 1 animal per year that makes them excited... that's not just me... many players are already starting to wear out with this precarious immersion / dungeons / adventures to the game...
@Minecraft The only salvation is for minecraft live to announce something that really change that and not that in 1 hour of play you have visited everything again and seen u which is just more of the same(6/6)

Regardless of how fans feel about this update, there are still plenty of features to explore that are brand new to Minecraft 1.19.

Mojang will hopefully take note of fans not being entirely pleased with one update being dragged out over the span of three years and will add some more immersive and expansive content when it comes time to release the next update.

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