How to activate the End portal in Minecraft

End portal. Image via Minecraft
End portal. Image via Minecraft

To defeat the Ender Dragon and the game of Minecraft, there are a lot of steps that have to be completed first. For starters, players will need good weapons to defeat the Ender Dragon and the army of never-ending Endermen.

They'll need to construct a Nether portal to get the right ingredients to go to the End and they'll need to find the Stronghold. But it doesn't end there.

It's a long and difficult process, and the final step before getting to the End is activating the End portal. Here's how players can get to that stage.

Activating an End portal in Minecraft

First things first, Minecraft players need to be able to find the End portal before even thinking about activating it. End portals are always located in the stronghold. There are usually two or three strongholds in the entire world, so Minecraft players may have a difficult time finding it. To ease the process, they will need the eyes of Ender.

These are only acquired by killing Endermen and picking up the pearls they drop. The other ingredient is blaze powder from blaze rods, which are found exclusively in the Nether.

Blaze spawners are found in Nether fortresses, which can also be a difficult task. They can spawn pretty far away and require a lot of dangerous Nether exploration.

Once the players have enough eyes of Ender (five is a good number to find the stronghold), they can set off in search. Throwing the eyes of Ender up in the air will point Minecraft players in the right direction.

They can break, though it doesn't happen that often. They mostly just fall back to the ground. Additionally, the eyes will go straight up when they are above the stronghold.

Once inside the stronghold, the End portal can be found anywhere. They are akin to mazes, so finding the portal can sometimes take a long time. Once it is found, the spawner can be destroyed and the portal can be activated.

The portal will require 12 eyes of Ender and some of the spots will be filled up already. If not, players will need to find the remaining eyes to fill out the rest of the spots. They cannot be placed while crouching, so extra caution should be in use since there is a lava pool directly below it.

End portal. Image via Minecraft
End portal. Image via Minecraft

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