How to craft and use a spyglass in Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update

How to craft and use a spyglass in 1.17. Image via Sportskeeda
How to craft and use a spyglass in 1.17. Image via Sportskeeda

The long-awaited Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update has finally arrived. At least one-half of it has. Part 1 was released to players on June 8th, and Part 2 is expected to arrive sometime at the end of this year. While the new world generation, caves and mountains, is coming in Part 2, the fresh update brought about many changes to Minecraft.

Part 1 of the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs added new mobs, ores, crafting recipes, items, and textures. While the addition of new mobs, like the axolotl, goats, and the glowsquid, are always appreciated, it's the new ore that will probably make the biggest difference to the game.

New axolotls added to Minecraft. Image via Nintendo Life
New axolotls added to Minecraft. Image via Nintendo Life

Minecraft's addition of copper is already having an impact in-game. Copper can be crafted into blocks, and these will turn green over time, just like real oxidization. A lightning rod requires three copper ingots and will protect houses from lightning strikes. Spyglass is perhaps the most interesting new item that copper can make.

How to craft and use a spyglass in Minecraft 1.17

Crafting a spyglass in Minecraft is a relatively easy process. Players require two copper ingots and an amethyst shard. Copper can be found anywhere when mining and is denoted by its signature orange and turquoise ore pattern. Mining these blocks will drop raw copper, which can then be smelted into copper ingots.

Copper ore. Image via Minecraft
Copper ore. Image via Minecraft

Amethyst shards are a little more tricky to come by. All forms of amethyst, including blocks and shards, can be found in a geode. Amethyst geodes are large and not uncommon. They spawn underground but are occasionally visible from above ground (in the case of a ravine, perhaps).

Here are all the things that can be found at a geode and how to acquire them:

  • Amethyst block can be mined with any pickaxe.
  • Budding Amethyst block (has a cross on it)- won't drop anything without Silk Touch.
  • Amethyst clusters-a large crystal that will drop shards when mined with any pickaxe
  • Amethyst bud-drops nothing but will eventually grow into a cluster
  • Amethyst shards-mined from clusters and can be used for crafting

The shards are needed for a spyglass, one for each spyglass. When put into the crafting table with two copper ingots, a spyglass is crafted.

Spyglasses allow players to spy on people, scout unfamiliar areas, or look for land when traveling across a huge ocean. Right now, they can't be placed on a block and used as a telescope. Players need to be holding onto it to be able to use it.

Using it is simple. Aim for the target and left-click (or left trigger). The spyglass will zoom in. The spyglass is just one of many cool, new features in the Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update Part 1, which is available now.

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