How old is Sapnap in 2022? Wishes pour in as Minecraft star celebrates birthday

Sapnap turned 21 today (Image via owehmgee)
Sapnap turned 21 today (Image via owehmgee)

Today, on March 1, Minecraft star Sapnap celebrates his birthday. Wishes poured in from fellow content creators and thousands of fans on Twitter as he posted a hilarious tweet about turning 21.

Sapnap is a well-known Minecraft streamer and content creator known for his combat skills. He is a good friend of other famous Minecraft stars like Dream, GeorgeNotFound, and BadBoyHalo. He has been in all of Dream's manhunt videos and is also an integral part of the popular Dream SMP server.

A few hours ago, the birthday boy hilariously tweeted about turning 21 and how he will get drunk. The tweet gained lots of attention instantly as thousands of his fans and fellow content creators commented on it.


Reactions from other content creators and fans to Minecraft star Sapnap turning 21

As Sapnap has a considerable following, the tweet blew up, and many flocked to it. Famous content creators like Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Quackity, etc., also humorously commented on the tweet, wishing the streamer a happy birthday.

GeorgeNotFound, a good friend, humorously commented on the tweet with a funny photo. They have been friends for a long time and have been seen in several Minecraft videos.

@sapnap you鈥檙e so cool sapnap 馃槑 happy birthday

Dream, a world-famous gaming celebrity and a very good friend of Sapnap, also commented on the tweet and wholeheartedly wished him a happy birthday. They have been good friends for a long time now.

@sapnap 21 kisses for the birthday boy i guess

Quackity, another famous content creator, humorously commented on the tweet, giving the birthday boy 21 kisses for being 21 years old.

@sapnap Happy Birthday handsome gamer :) let鈥檚 celebrate soon !!

Karl Jacobs, another good friend, replied to the tweet and wholeheartedly wished him. Both host a podcast called Banter, where they have talked with other famous online celebrities like Mr. Beast, Valkyrae, TommyInnit, Ranboo, etc.

@sapnap BE SAFE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@sapnap Happy day of birth sapnap. Stay safe and have fun 馃コ
@sapnap don鈥檛 get alcohol poisoning 馃憤

Several other streamers and content creators like TinaKitten, Kyedae, Punz, and Antfrost also commented on his tweet, wishing him a happy birthday.


Other than that, there were thousands of comments from fans worldwide wishing their favorite streamer a happy birthday. Many humorously posted gifs of people dancing and drinking, while others made beautiful and cute fanarts for his birthday.

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