Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update pre-release 3 patch notes: Full list of changes revealed

The Warden about to eat his favorite snack (Image via u/Flowerscow on Reddit)
The Warden about to eat his favorite snack (Image via u/Flowerscow on Reddit)

With the official release date for the first part of the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update scheduled for June 8th, Mojang is continuously releasing final touches before the update is launched. Players are patiently waiting (or not!) for this update to drop, as it adds tons of new and improved features.

Mojang has just released the third pre-release for this massive update, and it includes a decent number of tweaks and bug fixes. The pre-release is slightly larger than the last one, and provides some finishing touches to the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update.

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Minecraft Caves & Cliffs pre-release 3: Full list of tweaks and bug fixes


A few Goats staring at their next victim (Image via Minecraft)
A few Goats staring at their next victim (Image via Minecraft)

The third pre-release includes a few gameplay changes that players may be delighted to hear about. The official tweaks will be listed below:

  • "Tweaked the textures of lit candles"
  • "Mobs rammed by goats will no longer retaliate"
  • "Axolotls and Glow Squids now only spawn in total darkness and where there's a natural stone block less than 5 blocks below the spawning space"

The last tweak is probably most notable for players, as they can now have a better idea of where the beloved Axolotls will be spawning.

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The video above is for players who want to learn more about the michievious upcoming mob that is the Goat.

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Bug Fixes

Steve swimming with some Axolotls (Image via u/Ky8to on Reddit)
Steve swimming with some Axolotls (Image via u/Ky8to on Reddit)

Similar to the previous pre-releases, the third Minecraft Caves & Cliffs pre-release mostly consists of bug fixes. The official bug fixes will be listed below:

  • "Lightning rod is floating when held in third-person"
  • "Game fatally crashed while exploring chunks (IllegalStateException: Accessing PalettedContainer from multiple threads)"
  • "Baby axolotls despawn"
  • "Vines aren’t rendered with /setblock"
  • "Floating water caves in caves under the ocean"
  • "Replacing Chunk Futures causes several issues"
  • "Vines can spread upward to non-full blocks"
  • "Cave generation seems to be broken at seemingly random chunk borders"
  • "Lit candle texture doesn’t change when on cake"
  • "Crash trying to start a world: Error: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot read field “u” because “☃” is null"
  • "“Double closing program” warnings upon closing the game"
  • "Player’s owned player_head on mobs are flashing"
  • "Gravity blocks do not break when doEntityDrops is set to false"
  • "Stars are occluded by render fog"
  • "Changing or reloading resource packs does not reload core shaders until reloading a second time"

The details on Minecraft Java Edition are available here.

As seen in the bug fixes above, this pre-release mainly serves to iron out a slightly unstable version of the upcoming release. It is not certain if Mojang will release any more pre-releases, as there is only one week until the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs part one release.

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