Minecraft 1.21 pre-release 3 patch notes: Wind Burst enchantment changes, bug fixes, and more

Minecraft 1.21 pre-release 3
Minecraft 1.21 pre-release 3 patch notes has some new info for mace fans (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft 1.21 update is less than two weeks away from its official release, and Mojang is now bringing some last-minute changes and bug fixes. As all the major features are more or less ready for the official release, developers have been hearing feedback from players, which might have led to an interesting change to the mace-exclusive Wind Burst enchantment in Minecraft 1.21 pre-release 3.

At the max level, Wind Burst enchant can launch players up to 21 blocks in the sky, which can lead to a deadly fall unless one can land a smash attack on another or is using the Feather Falling enchantment. Either way, players now have to be careful while a mace enchanted with Wind Burst. This change was added in pre-release 1 but was documented in Minecraft pre-release 3 patch notes.

Other than this, there have been quite a lot of bug fixes in the latest pre-release related to item frames, leash, and more. Without further delay, here are the patch notes for Minecraft 1.21 pre-release 3.

Minecraft 1.21 pre-release 3 patch notes


Wind Burst

Following changes were introduced in Pre-Release 1; The Wind Burst enchantment now bounces the player 7 blocks up per enchantment level.

  • With great power comes great responsibility - and risk! At level 3, the enchantment will bounce the player 21 blocks up which doing some quick maths will hurt quite a bit when hitting the ground again
  • In other words, make sure you have a target locked in (or other means of mitigating the fall damage) before making contact with the ground again

Technical changes

  • Data Pack version is now 48

Data Pack Version 48

  • replace_disc entity effect type is renamed to replace_disk

Fixed bugs in Minecraft 1.21 pre-release 3

  • MC-252817 - Placing a map into an item frame and removing it does not remove the green player marker
  • MC-267988 - Tamed entities ignore their "LookAtPlayerGoal" distance and look in the direction of their owners from any distance when being stood up
  • MC-272194 - Empty Attribute Modifiers lost during upgrade
  • MC-272565 - Hanging leashed boats gain excessive upward momentum
  • MC-272577 - Summoning any entity with rotation causes it to be rotated incorrectly
  • MC-272582 - Mip-mapping not properly applied to moss carpet
  • MC-272661 - Entities have incorrect rotations after loading or reloading a world
  • MC-272670 - Crash while saving entity NBT - Cannot encode empty ItemStack
  • MC-272772 - Leashed Boats' leashes disappear upon rejoining world
  • MC-272789 - Leashing a boat to a fence which already has a lead attached to it removes the existing lead rather than attaching the new one
  • MC-272798 - Teleporting a leashed boat (with chest) or raft (with chest) to another dimension makes a ghost lead
  • MC-272809 - Placed boats/rafts no longer face the same direction as the player
  • MC-272814 - Entering an end gateway does not consistently grant the Remote Getaway advancement
  • MC-272827 - Unleashing boats leashed to fences via Use Item/Place Block drops the lead in Creative mode
  • MC-272843 - Stepping up blocks while falling on the side of them can sometimes allow players to climb to normally unreachable heights
  • MC-272854 - Crash when entity is leashed by non-LivingEntity
  • MC-272870 - /execute on leasher does not work for leashed boats
  • MC-272879 - Entering an End portal makes you face the entering direction rather than always facing west
  • MC-272886 - Maces incorrectly cause damage to the player
  • MC-272901 - Boats & Rafts with Chests cannot be leashed if they have a passenger

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