Minecraft 1.21 update release date announced

Minecraft tricky trials update
The Minecraft Tricky Trials update (Image via Mojang Studios)

The moment all Minecraft players were waiting for is finally here. After months of anticipation and a lot of speculation, Mojang has announced the release date for the upcoming Tricky Trials update. It turns out that players do not have to wait too long to finally get the patch.

Minecraft 1.21 update, officially called the Tricky Trials update, is scheduled to release on June 13, 2024. This means that in just a little over two weeks from today, players will be able to download the final version of the update and start playing it. Mojang took to the game's official X account and announced the release date.

Here’s everything exciting about the upcoming update and what else might be added before the final version is released in June.

Minecraft 1.21 update release date revealed

The Tricky Trials update is said to be one of the most impactful and important updates the game has seen in years. The update adds a ton of different items and mobs to the game. It will also introduce the trial chambers, a new palatial structure where a new challenge awaits.

The trial chambers will house the Breeze, a hostile mob that is considerably similar to the Blaze found in the Nether castle. The Breeze uses wind attacks and is quite challenging to defeat, but definitely worth it. It will drop the Breeze rod and the wind charge when defeated.

Players can then unlock the vault using the trial key, two new items coming to the game with the update. The vault can contain many interesting and rare items, but the one to look for is the heavy core block.

The heavy core block, yet another addition in the upcoming update, can be used with the breeze rod to make the powerful new weapon mace. The mace is supposed to be the most powerful weapon in Minecraft.

Apart from this, the update brings another hostile mob called the bogged and it is a new skeleton variant that can be found in the swamp and the trial chambers.

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