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Minecraft Bedrock Beta Patch Notes: Full list of changes for Xbox One, Windows and Android

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Modified 26 Mar 2021

Minecraft Bedrock Beta adds glow lichen to the game.

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs is the next massive update after the beautiful nether update. Mojang is releasing snapshots and beta versions every week to keep fans updated about the new changes. Mojang released Minecraft Bedrock Beta Patch this week. This update brings players a step closer to deep caves by adding glow lichens to the game. Check out the full list of changes below:

Minecraft Bedrock Full list of changes

Glow Lichens are added to the game

Image via Minecraft Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft Image via Minecraft

Glow Lichens is the new light source item added to the game in the Caves and Cliffs update. These dim light sources generate inside caves in a small group. Players can bone meal them and use shears to pick them up. Glow liches can be waterlogged and composted to get a bone meal in Minecraft.

Glow Lichen is the only addition to Minecraft in this week's release. There are some technical changes and many bug fixes and tweaks related to android in this version.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks

Lush Caves



Android players have been facing many bugs and issues. Mojang has fixed many Android bugs:

  • Players can use a mouse and keyboard to play Minecraft on Android devices that support it( Oreo or newer versions)
  • Minecraft will now properly shutdown on Android devices
  • Certain Android Devices no longer fail to perform multilingual input
  • Fixed networking and resolution issues on certain Android Devices
  • Going underwater on certain Android devices no longer makes the screen go pitch-black
  • Structure blocks can now be exported on Android
  • No more offset crosshair placements on Android Devices

General Changes

There are some general changes to the new beta version:

  • Powder Snow Block no longer drops when destroyed by an explosion
  • Fixed issue where smelting behaviour for several fuel sources was broken
  • The first person eating animation is now centred in the frame
  • First-person main hand blocking animation now plays properly
  • First-person main hand and off-hand shields are now symmetrical
  • Fixed an issue where patterns in the loom with different resolutions than Vanilla assets would not display correctly
  • Crafting (Waxed) Weathered Cut Copper Slabs in the Stonecutter now yields two slabs instead of one
  • Leads now correctly attach to Goats

Lush Cave Blocks Tweaks and Changes

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Lush Caves was added to the bedrock version in the last beta release. Mojang has tweaked the lush cave blocks in the version.

  • Azalea leaves and flowering azalea leaves now correctly dropped when sheared
  • Moss blocks can now correctly be fertilized using dispensers
  • Hanging roots can now correctly be composted
  • Small dripleaf now drops as an item when sheared
  • Placing a big dripleaf on another big dripleaf increases its height by one
  • Using a shovel on rooted dirt creates a grass path block
  • Bees consider flowering azalea and flowering azalea leaves as flowers
  • Using Pick Block function on Cave Vines or breaking them with Silk Touch-enchanted tool now yields Glow Berries

Technical Fixes and Changes

Apart from liches, bug fixes and tweaks, Mojang made some big technical changes to the game. These changes and fixes are mostly useful for server administrators and Minecraft coders. Interested players can read the official patch notes here.

Published 26 Mar 2021, 21:12 IST
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