Minecraft Bedrock beta patch notes: All you need to know

Minecraft Bedrock Beta has been released (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft Bedrock Beta has been released (Image via Mojang)

It is that time of the year when Mojang starts releasing a lot of Minecraft betas and snapshots. This is usually very exciting for players looking forward to new features in the game.

The best part of snapshots and betas is arguably the experimental features they come with. These versions allow players to test upcoming features that will be added to the stable version of the game with a major future update.

It's Wednesday and there's a new Minecraft Beta & Preview on the way!Read all about the Minecraft Preview here:…

Minecraft Bedrock Beta & Preview


A new Bedrock Beta & Preview has been released for Minecraft. The beta comes with a single change to experimental features and quite a few bug fixes. Android users will have to wait a while to install this beta as developers are yet to release an update for the platform.

Experimental features

Only one change has been made to existing experimental features in this beta update: Piglin and Dragon head block animations no longer work in the inventory.

Gameplay fixes

  • Top slabs can now be placed in blocks only partially blocked by a mob or any other entity.
  • When sneaking or riding in third-person mode, players can no longer see through partial blocks.
  • Error messages about building outside the world height limits no longer appear when simply interacting with blocks at the world height limits from certain angles.
  • Players can now interact with functional blocks while sneaking in a gap. This only works when the sneak button is not held.

Vanilla Parity

Only a couple of changes have been made to the Bedrock Edition of the game to match Java Edition:

  • A bug causing zombified piglins to spawn in the Nether in areas with light levels above 11 has been fixed.
  • Mobs are now ejected into liquid blocks by minecarts.

Touch control changes and fixes

  • Left and right D-pad buttons now keep input when the forward button is pressed.
  • The leave boat button has been added when the player falls from a height within the boat.
  • Developers have fixed an issue that was preventing players in creative mode from removing equipped armor by tapping on an item or block.

Performance and stability

  • Pressing the "Mine" and "Place" button simultaneously on any input device while targeting a structure block could cause the game to crash. This issue in Minecraft has been fixed.

Marketplace and commands

  • Navigating right with the controller left stick on the sidebar now collapses it.
  • Volume arguments no longer floor the selector's position.
  • Previous behaviors work as expected on prior versions.
  • Float values are now supported by volume arguments for selectors (dx, dy, dz)
  • Removed support for field "data" in commands /clone, /execute, /fill, /setblock, and /testforblock beyond version 1.19.70, e.g./setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:wool 1will only have its equivalent /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:wool ["color":"orange"] supported

For more details, you can head to the official Minecraft website.

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