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Who is Minecraft developer Dinnerbone?

Dinnerbone with a diamond (Image via planteminecraft)
Dinnerbone with a diamond (Image via planteminecraft)
Holly Ellison
Modified 25 Mar 2021

Minecraft developer Dinnerbone was one of the three original creators of Minecraft.

Dinnerbone's real name is Nathan Adams. Nathan was born on July 23rd, 1991, and works at Mojang as a technical director.

Dinnerbone is a huge name in the Minecraft community, as he is responsible for many of the features that Minecraft players love today, and for the snapshots on many new Minecraft updates. Here is all players need to know about one of the most essential developers of the game.

Who is Minecraft's upside-down developer Dinnerbone?

Early life

Nathan Adams was born in Shrewsbury, UK. From a young age, he loved coding and programming, originally learning the art from coding MSN bots at the young age of ten.

Adams joined a small developing start-up after graduating high school. He soon realized this job wasn't a fit for him and moved on to work on a popular Minecraft API called Bukkit.

Adams' work on Bukkit eventually landed him a job at Mojang, working on Minecraft in 2012. Adams made a move to Stockholm, Sweden, to pursue his work on the game.

Adams also has a wife, with whom he had a child in 2016. Adams actually took a small break from the Minecraft team during this period, before rejoining very soon in early 2017, He still works on Minecraft even to this day.

Dinnerbone's Minecraft influence


Dinnerbone is best known for his server mod, Bukkit. He was on a team to create this mod, run by Curse. The mod's goal was to allow server admins easier control of their servers and source files. Mojang took notice of Bukkit and hired the entire development team, including Dinnerbone.

From there, Dinnerbone's career only grew. He was known to have contributed the most code to the game and gets involved with each Minecraft release, including the newest 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update. He is also very communicative with the larger Minecraft community.

In 2015, during Dinnerbone's break from Minecraft development, he joined Hermitcraft and gained a small reputation within the community. This Hermitcraft period was short however, and he soon rejoined the game's development.

Minecraft lores and stories

Many writers and Minecraft lore enthusiasts have shared stories about Dinnerbone. A popular one is the story of saving the blue demon.


In summary, Dinnerbone fights Herobrine and helps to teach Steve the ways of the world after he dies. Dinnerbone has his own domain in this story, in which he controls and helps Steve along the way.

In this lore, Dinnerbone appears upside down and is often seen with a gentleman's top hat. Dinnerbone is said to be an observer and remains in his domain rather than in the real one, from where he can observe and teach.

If players name their mobs or animals "dinnerbone" in the game, they will appear upside down, just like Dinnerbone's character. This is a fun little easter egg that players have used in the game.

Upside down Minecraft mobs (Image via YouTube)
Upside down Minecraft mobs (Image via YouTube)

Future in Minecraft

Dinnerbone is definitely a fan favorite creator, and players can't wait to see what he'll bring to the game next.

Published 25 Mar 2021, 00:36 IST
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