Minecraft Java Edition 22w07a update patch notes: Full list of changes and fixes revealed

Generated structures will now use biome tags (Image via Mojang)
Generated structures will now use biome tags (Image via Mojang)
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Minecraft has just announced the release of the latest snapshot for Java Edition. SlicedLime, a tech developer for Mojang, announced the newest release on Twitter. Several changes and bug fixes have been implemented as Mojang moves closer and closer to the next update. Here's what has been added now.

Latest Minecraft Java snapshot released

There is only one technical change introduced in snapshot 22w07a, which involves a new biome feature. Biome tags can now be used to determine which biomes a structure can generate in this snapshot. For example, a desert temple can only be generated in a desert biome.

The complete Minecraft Beginners Guide is available here.

We're now rolling out Minecraft Snapshot 22w07a, with biome tags for structure placement.…

Several bugs were addressed in the snapshot.

  • Grass blocks will no longer generate incorrectly underwater.
  • Glow squids won't spawn in villager wells and farms on super flat worlds.
  • Rooted dirt will not replace cave vines in certain instances.
  • In lush caves, tropical fish will not spawn in bubble columns.
  • Enchanting table will stop registering any block that is diagonally above the bookshelves as blocking them.
  • Mojang fixed an issue where there was a falling block visual glitch when dying with doImmediateRespawn turned on.
  • Lava will stop affecting entities client-side and leading to de-sync.
  • Active repeating command blocks will continue running after world conversion to Minecraft version 1.18.
  • Crashes will no longer concur when entering the beacon user interface.
The snapshot fixed an issue with enchanting tables (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
The snapshot fixed an issue with enchanting tables (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

That's all that's been changed and updated for now. It's a relatively small snapshot, but every step is incremental towards perfecting the next big update.

View the Minecraftwiki here.

The Wild Update has no official release date, though it has been tabbed for 2022. That means there are no more than nine months of snapshots left. Every one released in the meantime will get players closer and closer to 1.19.

πŸ“Œ A new snapshot is out on the minecraft launcher 22w07a !#RT

With 1.19, players will finally experience the Deep Dark, the Mangrove Swamp, frogs, the Warden, Allay, and more. Future snapshots may even involve these features to perfect them.

For more information regarding snapshot 22w07a, players can visit the official Mojang website.

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