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Minecraft myth "The Null": Everything players need to know

The Null in Minecraft (Image via
The Null in Minecraft (Image via
Holly Ellison
Modified 31 Mar 2021

Minecraft has been full of myths and legends since its debut in the gaming world.

Whether the myth is from the creators, the game's lore, or some creepypastas floating around the internet, they still affect the community and are essential for players to learn.

Most gamers have heard about the myth and legend of Herobrine, but not many players have heard about the mythical mob called the Null. Here's everything they need to know about this legendary creature.

What is the Null in Minecraft?

The Null is a fanmade creepypasta about a pitch-black entity figure. It first appeared a little after the Minecraft Launcher was added to the game, and players could travel back to older versions of the game.

The Null will stalk players and mess with their world when they're not looking or are away, similar to Herobrine. It is known to write signs that say "null," hence the name. This entity appears in update 1.7 and has a whole Minecraft myth community surrounding it.

It's hypothesized that this creepypasta was written because of Notch's confirmation that Herobrine was a myth. Players were looking for a mystical entity to wreak havoc in Minecraft.


Summary of the original creepypasta

A player who goes by the name AlongCameJosh remembered how much fun it was to play on the older version of the game. When the Minecraft Launcher came out, he started to play on the old versions of the title.

On this older version of Minecraft, he noticed something was very off about the game. He kept seeing Herobrine in the corner of his eye. There were also signs near his buildings with "null" written on them.

A little while later, in a new world, AlongCameJosh created a new world on this older version of Minecraft. He spent a few nights roaming around before finally building a house and exiting the game. A few days later, he opened the same world only to appear in the deep bedrock underground in a one-by-one tunnel lit by only Redstone torches.


He came across a sign written in Swedish text in this tunnel, saying, "Help! Null is here! Tell everyone about me!" AlongCameJosh logged off while reading this and then logged back on a little while later.

This time he spawned in the air floating on a singular block of bedrock. It was there in the sky that Herobrine appeared before him and said he was not this evil character that the Minecraft community had made him out to be. He had been trapped by the Null and blamed for horrible crimes that the Null had committed. He wanted to warn players about the dangers of the Null before it was too late.

AlongCameJosh didn't log onto the older versions of the game for a long time after that. He ended up talking to another YouTuber with similar experiences, which confirmed that this myth was true.

For those wondering, it's said that the Null is still out there.

Published 31 Mar 2021, 11:07 IST
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